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Hydroxy Citric Acid

Anyone know if this stuff works?

I recenty got some protein powder that says it has hydroxy citric acid which apparently limits carb conversion to fat (unfortunately i cant get the Biotest products cause i live in Australia and my parents dont what to go through the bother of shipping etc. :frowning:

Anyway it was .4 grams per 40 grams (the recommended intake) and it says “we hace included the thermo-genic (fat-burning) ingredient hydroxy citric acid which converts carbohydrates to glycogen rather than fat”

Anyone know how true this is?

HydroxyCut has been using this active consituant in thier product for a long time. A simple search should supply you with plenty of knowledge.

Also try Garcinia Cambogia.


yea i have done a search on T-Nation for hydroxy citric acid but the only article info i found out about it was in an article published in 2000 and it said it would be best to wait untill further study has been done.

Well i’ll see how it effects me, probably not at all it seems


If you want to learn something, you’re going to have to broaden your resources to beyond this website.

Just because there hasn’t been a follow up on here, doesn’t mean that there is no recent information available.

One of the things I love most about this site is that it is always sparking a new interest in me.
However, I don’t rely on it to also give me all the answers.