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Hydroxicut Hardcore?

I live in Canada so I don’t have easy access to Biotest and their HOT-ROX supplement. At the same time, I’d like to try fat burners. I’m at the end of a cutting phase and I’m just looking for a way to burn the last few stubborn layers of fat around my mid section.

I was looking into Hydroxicut Hardcore, really don’t know much about fat burners… Of course I don’t want to fall for a good looking product that’s in fact bullshit (such as NO X-plode).

Any of you guys ever tried Hydroxicut or know anything about it? Or do you have any other suggestions for a good fat burner?


if you are in Canada have you checked out Poliquin’s stuff?

Correct me if I am wrong but Ephedra is legal in Canada? Why not just do a ECA stack.

Yeah ECA is going to be cheaper and way more effective than hydroxycut. Also, be warned the Hardcore can turn your shits bright red because your body doesn’t breakdown the dye in the product. It can be quite alarming…