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To all T-mag members - What results have you noticed from the Hydrosylate recovery formula? While I don’t get DOMS in my upper body, I usually do in my legs after hard squats. Recently I bashed myself with some hard wave training followed by breathing squats and have absolutely 0 soreness - I didn’t even expect this! Let me know what YOU experienced (or didn’t)!

I seem to experience less DOMS since using this formula, and this is even after starting Ian Kings great guns progam! I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now. Went to go for a bio-imp test today but the guy was busy so I had to flag it until next week. As for mirror results…I’m not sure…sometimes I feel that I am looking better, other times I don’t. I’m also still playing around with the ratios of the aminos.

I haven’t had access to BCAA:s, since they’re banned in Finland and/or very expensive when available. I’ve been forced to use my own PW blend. I take right after training ~25g hydrolysate. After 20-30 min I take normal PW drink with creatine, ion whey and glucose/maltodextrin. Idea is to get the protein in the blood and then drive it to the muscles with insulin(glucose). I’ve been using this for a week now, so I can’t give any concrete solid results yet. I must say that I’m not having almost any DOMS, I’m feeling “Hi” and doing killer workouts while on diet and doing some cardio.
I’m hoping comments from you guys, since I think this would be the “right” way to do PW drink. If you mix hydrolysate with carbs you totally ruin hydros ingesting time.

Hey Ville have you even read John Berardi’s research with carbs and hydrolosate? It shutles them in faster. I’ve tried whey hydro without the dextros and its much less potent as far as the effects that I’ve been getting. Have you tried the hydro with any fast acting carbs? Sorry buddy but hydro is not slowed down by carbs. Ever hear of high performance creatine? Its just creatine and dextros… the point being that fast acting carbs usualy carry whats ingested with them quicker than the substance alone. Its slower acting cabs that would mess up the hydro.