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Hydrostatic Weighing

Does anyone know of a place in the Los Angeles area that does hydrostatic weighing??

First, read these articles:



Then, if you are dead set on doing hydrostatic weighing, then you could try this place out: www.bodyfattest.com.

Now before any of you ask why I would post this, here is my answer: You don't need to do hydrostatic weighing, but if you want to do it for the experience then go ahead and do it. I've had the luxury of trying out and using just about every method to measure body comp available but I know that I am in the vast minority.

or Bod Pod??

Try any big University athletic dept. That’s where most of the dunk tanks are.

Do a search on BodPod on this forum, and my reference to L.A. testing should come up. Also, go to getdunked.com. There you can follow the L.A. schedule of two trucks that are equipped with dunk tanks for hydrostatic weighing.

But it really would be better to listen to Jason, read those articles, and buy some calipers. The “gold standard” of body comp testing isn’t all it claims to be.