Hydrostatic Weighing Locations in L.A., CA

I’d like to do hydrostatic weighing to once and for all figure out what my “gold standard” BF% is. I’m tired of the Tanita & Caliper (and the varying 3-point and 7-point methods there) giving me different results. The only problem is I have no idea where I could pay for this to be done in the L.A. area. Do most universities offer this, do I just call the athletic department at UCLA or USC, or are there clinics where I can go for this? How much should I expect to pay for this?

One thing to remember with hydrostatic weighing is that the equations for body density are based on an untrained individual and as such will not be totally applicable to a weight trainer with much greater density. In face, if im not mistaken, when deriving these equations the researchers simply used homeless people who’s body density will obviously be even less than normal. just for your info

I’d like to know where you got your information regarding the use of homeless test subjects to come up with the equations, sounds like urban legend. It doesn’t make any sense since any university can use fit athletes from their basketball, football, swimming teams, etc instead for free or next to nothing. While I agree with you that the average college swimmer might not have the body density of a professional bodybuilder, it certainly isn’t too far from an amateur like myself. Archimede’s principle remains the same for all.

Those equations were derived long before that time and no they certainly did not use university or even non-university athletes to derive the density equations

I attended a body composition seminar with Charles Poliquin and he said something along the same lines(although I thought he said homeless peoples cadavers).
He uses calipers on 7 different sites,and with so much practice he has become quite accurate.
My suggestion is to find someone with good calipers and a lot of practice.

I have had this procedure done and I actually tested much higher than with calipers. The reason for this was i simply could not blow all the air out of my lungs while under water. I felt like my head would explode. The person administering the test said my problem was not unusual. FYI with calipers i tested 7% and with underwater weighing i was 13%. No way in hell i’m 13%
BTW calipers can be quite accurate is a skilled person is administering the test