Hydrostatic Testing In NYC?

A friend and I have a prop bet for a few thousand bucks about getting down to 8% bf (we both started roughly 13 - 15%).

We’ve been taking informal measurements along the way with cheap-o Accumeasure calipers, which are fine, but for ‘judgment day’, we both agree that (b/c of $$ on the line) we want some independent and accurate measuring stick.

Did some internet searching, and actually found a few companies with a neat little mobile hydrostatic testing van that you can use for $50 or so:
getdunked.com and

but they both look like they’re California-based companies, and while they apparently make occasional road-shows to the East Coast, we can’t count on them being here when we want to get tested. Anyone aware of any NYC-area solutions for our problem? Doesn’t HAVE to be hydrostatic…I’ve heard about various other newfangled methods that are extremely accurate too…

I’ve thought about calling up NYU or Columbia to see if they have facilities that would do this for us for a fee…alternatively, a trainer at my gym says he has a pair of fancy $500 calipers and has a lot of experience using them, but we’d prefer a non-caliper solution. Any ideas welcome