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Hydrostatic Body fat testing in the sf bay area?


Hi there,

Does anyone know where I can get this done? Thanks so much.



Hi, Jay, no, I don't, but you might want to expand your search a bit to include the Body Pod. Check out http://www.techtv.com/news/culture/story/0,24195,3362377,00.html. Take out any spaces that might appear in the link.


Dude, why not check Stanford or other universities.

I'm saying this since in Portland, we have Oregon Health Science University (OHSU), a "school" and they have hydrostatic available. I had mine done there a few years ago.


Some universities have them. Check your local and maybe you'll get lucky.


Check your local university as many have a hydrostatic unit and can do the testing for a reasonable price. In addition, you can check out bodyfattest.com to see if they come to your area.

Also, I'd make sure to check out the articles on body composition in issues 208 and 209 to learn why hydrostatic weighing is not your best option.


I agree w/ all check your local University first and maybe even your community college.