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hydrolyzed whey protein

Just how bitter is this stuff. I could get it, but there is a warning there how bad it is. With a 2:1 carb, which is pretty sweet, can it be masked? I can’t afford Surge right now, so I am kind of stuck. Is this my training fear factor or am I just asleep. Can it be choked down?

I’d get a flavoring, add extra sweetener, and mix it in a good diet drink. That makes it drinkable–if not very tasty. If you can afford it, Surge makes drinking hydrolyzed protein downright pleasant.

There are different degrees of hydrolyzation. The lower the number the more bitter/bad tasting it becomes.

Can you drink the 520 & 360, sure. Is it enjoyable, not really. The 1400 is not that bad at all and I use it in my post work out drink 40% 1400 hydrolyzed 30% Maltodextrin, and 30% dextrose.