Hydrolyzed vs Hydrosylate?

What’s the difference between hydrolyzed casein and casein hydrosylate?

Is there a real difference or is it just a different name for the same thing?

I think they are two different ways of saying the same thing. A hydrosylate is what you get when you hydrolyze a protein.

^i thought the same.

You should have rather been more attentive at your school days. There is no such thing like hydrosylate. It is a fools’ way to say hydrolysate. And this is the same thing as hydrolysed (or hydrolyzed, if you speak no English, but rather American). More books, less muscle building, and all will end well.

What kind of person creates an account to talk down to someone about a four year-old post?


a total fucking arsehole would be my guess

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