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Hydrolyzed protein?

Been very interested in buying a hydrolyzed protein blend and use frequently, not just for post-workout (which is almost all hydro). I have found quite a few out there on the market from different companies (most interesting one is MG development - MGF-2). Anyways, has anyone purchased one from any of the companies out there and use frequently and recommend one? Ive tried the protein factory and boy does it taste like crap. I would really much rather use one that I can stand and look forward to drinking.

Well I will probably get flamed for this but the EAS brand I find to be very tasty. It’s called Simply Protein Complete Whey. Now this stuff is vanilla. The guy at my supp. store ( who is the owner as well and does the ordering) says that the lower quality powders usually taste worse in vanilla and its better to either buy chocolate in those or buy the EAS if I want vanilla because he says most of his customers report that all flavors of the EAS powders taste good.
Give it a shot, you just might like it too.

It was my understanding that the hydrolyzing process makes the protien taste like crap. Therefore if it doesn’t taste bad it isn’t the real deal. Hopefully someone can enlighten me as well.