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hydrolyzed gelatin (collagen)?

what’s the difference between hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed protein? in the amount per serving it says 15 grams of protein, and in the ingredients it’s claimed as hydrolyzed gelatin (collagen)


This has been talked about a lot already both at the forum and T-mag. Just run a search.

Tek, thanks, did the search and found some stuff on it, but mostly was about bar ingredients and that it’s made from cow ass etc… Mine comes from an amino fuel product which I have been using for post workout, would you say stop the usage of it in the postworkout shake? I combine it with iso protein.

Collagen isn’t a complete protein. It doesn’t contain the full spectrum of amino acids. In fact, I believe it is made of only a couple amino’s. I don’t remember off the top of my head for sure, but I believe collagen is mainly proline with a couple other amino’s. It’s the protein the body makes connective tissue out of and is used typically as a supplement for people with joint problems (arthritis). Collagen is the same thing as jello, so eating collagen is same as eating jello. Not sure how jello is manufactured today, but traditionly, jello was made by boiling the collagen out of cow hooves.