Hydrolyzed Casen??

What’s the story on Hydrolyzed Casen?? It Hydrolyzed, so it doesn’t curd in the stomach so it’s a fast digesting protein. I use Hydro Whey for post workout, is there any use for Hydro Casen??


interesting, have never heard of it. i assume you would be getting a fast acting protein with an approximate protein breakdown of casien (HWPI and WPI dont have the exact amino profile so i doubt that HC and C would be the same either).
who makes this product?

Search for an old post on this. If you’re talking about the Hydrolyzed Casein from Beverly or Protein factory then there is no problem. Its molecular weight is lower than the smallest Hydrolyzed Whey. I don’t think there is a significant advantage to Hydrolyzed Casein compared to whey or free-form aminos. Size matters.