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Hydrolyzed Casein vs Hydrolyzed Caseinate


Can anyone tell me the difference between Hydrolyzed Casein and Hydrolyzed Caseinate (PeptoPro)?


Peptopro is a little different from Hydrolyzed Casein. As far as I can tell from reading it is made up of 80% peptides, where as HC is roughly 20. From what I understand 15g of Peptopro has the same anabolic affect as 60g of whey. It also spikes insulin higher than other forms of protein.

Don't quote me on this though, it's just what I've picked up from reading different tidbids of info.


It doesn't work to go just by the names.

The casein vs caseinate is insignificant. Chemically, saying caseinate is referring to the fact that the protein is supplied in a form having negative ionic charges, balanced by the presence of calcium with positive ionic charge: the combination is calcium caseinate. If simply casein is said, that doesn't mean it isn't actually in that same form.

As for hydrolyzed, that refers to the protein being broken down to at least some degree to shorter chains. However the particular mixture of what it is converted to could vary vastly between different products. And for that matter, the starting casein protein is not the exact same material between products, either.

(EDIT - Invictica's post wasn't visible when I posted. PeptoPro is also hydrolyzed casein. But as he points out, it differs from some other hydrolyzed caseins that are available. It is not a case of everything going by that name being basically the same: not so.)


Bill, in your opinion is PeptoPro worth the extra cost? It costs almost twice that of "regular" hydrolyzed casein. I suppose the answer lies in the quality and degree of hydrolysis of the "regular" casein?




How would you compare whey hydrolysate vs. casein hydrolysate vs. whey isolate.....??

I am tempted to try a hydrolysate, but I've heard they are a bit more expensive and i'm not sure how much better they are than plain ol' whey isolate.... any reccomended products to look at?


From what I've read/know about CH, Peptopro is the best quality that's out there right now. But I'd be interested in comparing what Biotest uses and Peptopro, unless they just use PP... but from what CT has said about no CH product being up to his standards, I doubt they use PP in anaconda.


It isn't PeptoPro.


Why is everyone assuming that Hydrolyzed Casein or 'PeptoPro' is in Anaconda when NO ONE HAS SAID ANYTHING about what ingredients are in it?

All I know is that it doesn't have any carbs, has a fast absorbing protein and has lots of 'goodies' in it.


No, I think the only thing we DO know about Anaconda is it has hydrolized casein (or casein hydrolysate as thubs calls it), we just don't have any idea how much, what kind, or what else is in it.


Im pretty sure its actually stated by CT that it contains 12g of casein hydrolysate..