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Hydrolysis of Surge Recovery


I posted this question in the Surge Recovery discussion but received no responses. I hope somebody chimes in on this one.

Could anybody tell me the degree of hydrolysis of Surge Recovery? By degree of hydrolysis I mean the ratio of amino nitrogen to total nitrogen; or the percent of free amino acids (or di and tri peptides) in the protein. I apologize if this is common knowledge but I did not see it in the write up.


Ingredients list?


[quote]Boffin wrote:
Ingredients list?[/quote]

No the degree of hydrolysis is not listed in the ingredients list if that is what you are asking/implying. The degree of hydrolysis basically describes to what extent the protein is broken down in the form of a ratio of free aminos (also di and tri peptides) and the remaining content of the protein.




I’m not sure what amount of the protein is hydrolized, but what would be the purpose of knowing this?
Unless I’m mistaken, it all digests the same right?


All the ingredients: dextrose, leucine, phenylalanine, flavoring are very cheap, except for the hydrolyzed whey. However, even if less than 1% of the whey is hydrolyzed it can still be labeled “whey hydrolysate.” Knowing the degree of hydrolysis is important in comparing different products with hydrolyzed whey, with a high degree of hydrolysis being important.

And no hydrolyzed proteins are markedly different in both digestion and absorption times with whole proteins.