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Hydrolysed Casein

Anyone have any idea what this could be useful for?

in a pre/during/post workout shake. laters pk

Thanks PK but I can get hydrolysed whey, which because of higher BCAAs etc is better, I’m just wondering if there was any specific use for the casein. My understanding was that casein’s big advantage was that it was slow digesting, which would be negated by the hydrolysation. I do use regular casein during the day.

yes i use regular casein, for the exact reason you pointed out, slow absorption, and its cheaper then whey. only problem is you need a blender to mix the stuff, unlike the whey isolate which i would just use a spoon or shake the bottle. I’ve tried the hydrolyzed casein and it tasted so bitter. I stopped buying it because it cost more then the hydrolyzed whey. laters pk

Yeah, it’s more expensive than the hydrolysed whey, and I can’t really see any use for it. Efharisto PK, anyone else know about this stuff?

How slow digesting is casein?

Here is a great article to help sort out all the proteins: www.testosterone.net/html/117prot.html

I just read Roger Reidigger from Beverly International say that when casein is hydrolysed, the slow absorption rate is no longer an issue. Beverly often uses small amounts of hydrolyzed casein in a pre-and-post workout formula, and on a mass phase, in meals for balancing out the amino acid profile.

Thanks guys. I think hydrolysed whey is better PWO than hydrolysed casein because of higher BCAA profile. After what you said Brian I’m thinking of making my PWO shake 50/50 hydrolysed whey/hydrolysed casein. During the day I mainly eat whole food, but drinks are 80% casein, 20% whey isolate.