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Hydrolysed Casein and the Splanchnic Bed


Right, first up I like HC and I 'think' is awesome for recovery. Obviously Biotest/T-Nation feels the same because of their current supplement direction/pulse fast protocols etc.

However, I'd be interested to know what CT thinks about the negative claims that HC is useless because it ends-up being wasted by heading straight for the 'Splanchnic bed'.

Now as I say, I love HC based products for recovery/growth - tell me I'm not making it up?

Thanks guys.


You need to understand human physiology. This has been responded to before.

The most sophisticated study to date demonstrated that a 35 g dose of rapidly absorbed casein hydrolysate is ~30% more effective in stimulating skeletal muscle protein synthesis than intact casein when measured over the 6 h period . Based on plasma amino acid and insulin peaks, it can be speculated that the difference would have been larger if the study period would have been 2 or 3 h. Rapid absorption of amino acids appears to decrease splanchnic extraction, which likely explains the greater systemic amino acid levels and therefore greater anabolic effects. This notion is supported by a study by Paddon-Jones et al., who reported that a oral supplement containing 30 g of carbohydrate and 15 g of essential amino acids induces a substantially greater anabolic effect than ingestion of a mixed meal containing a similar amount of essential amino acids . Also, Tang et al. showed that ingestion of whey protein hydrolysate results in a larger increase in blood amino acids and mixed muscle protein synthesis than soy protein or casein both at rest and after resistance exercise .

Collectively, these studies strongly suggest that ingestion of a fast-acting protein hydrolysate and/or amino acid supplement results a less efficient uptake by the splanchnic bed and therefore increases the magnitude of the acute increase in amino acids in the systemic circulation that are available for muscle protein anabolism. The splanchnic bed comprises 1) the liver and 2) the portal-drained viscera (PDV), which include the stomach, intestines, pancreas, and spleen. First-pass extraction by splanchnic tissues describes the proportion of ingested amino acids that is sequestered during its initial transit through the splanchnic bed and thus not appearing in systemic blood . Although largely ignored by the authors of sports nutrition textbooks, the extraction of amino acids by the intestine have a critical influence on their availability to peripheral tissues and therefore, on whole body protein metabolism. In fact, the PDV account for 20 to 35% of whole-body protein turnover and energy expenditure . Thus, the notion than an amino acid is an amino acid no matter how administered is clearly fallacious. The kinetics of absorption of amino acids can substantially modulate their ability to stimulate muscle protein anabolism.

Full Link: http://www.nutritionandmetabolism.com/content/6/1/38


Thanks for the link.

To be honest, the reason I posed the question was because I read this in an new web article....

As I say I've been using HC for some time and feel it 100% DOES enhance recovery speed, so really I guess I was looking for the response to the quote above, which your link probably supplies.


So do you guys think the extra price for CH is actually worth it especially if you are eating a protein rich meal every 3 hours?


[quote]Blaiser wrote:
So do you guys think the extra price for CH is actually worth it especially if you are eating a protein rich meal every 3 hours?

CH isn't really about total protein intake, but more about it's anabolic effects and it's speed of absorption. I feel it does have it's advantages that justify it's actual worth for the hard training athlete that wants to maximize training effect and recovery. I have used CH. I have experienced an increase of ease in gaining muscle and higher recovery rate so I can train more frequently. For me the extra price is worth it. I use it for pre and intra workout drink.


I was thinking about trying it. How much do you use pre and intra? What about post workout? Seems like post workout would be an optimal time to use it also. I have heard you only need to use about 1/2 of the amount as regular protein? Do you mix it with carbs?