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Hydrolized Whey vs. Hydrolyzed Casein


What is the difference? Is one better than the other? Hydrolyzed Casein costs over twice as much. Lactose wise does one have less?

My brother is vegetarian and lactose intolerant so, he is trying to find a good protein source.

  • Would whey isolate be good enough?


Am slightly lactose intolerant and for me hydro whey has least/negligible sides.
In terms of recovery casein is slightly(like 3%) better, both a re waayy better in this respect than isolate


Due to their effect on insulin would it be bad to use whey hydro through out the day? Would it be best to use it pre/during/post training and then switch to pea/hemp/rice protein and whole foods? Or is it not an issue?


Shouldn’t be an issue to take all day and would give you incredible recovery and work capacity, more a case of budget.


I’m an ex-arena football player. I used whey protein in plain oats 5 times a day for 2 years straight and gain 48 lbs naturally. It works. It’s not that the whey itself works like magic, any quality protein and clean complex carb source will help you gain muscle. It comes do to calories in + calories out. I personally wouldn’t get caught up on hydrolized vs isolate vs concentrate. I literally would choose the cheapest whey per gram of protein and had amazing gains. Think, back in the day before supplements, bodybuilders would get huge with eggs and meat. eggs score a 100 on the bioavailability chart. The any form of whey is higher than eggs. If they could get huge on egg protein, do you think the type of whey will make the difference in your gains? It’ll end up being a combo of all the little things done correctly daily.


[quote]bszpyrka wrote:
Think, back in the day before supplements,[/quote]

Sandow used a supplement. So how far back are you talking?