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Hydrolized Beef Plasma Protein

I’ve read about Hydrolized Beef Plasma Protein a couple of times recently, is this something new being used, or has it been around?

visual picture!!! EWWWWWWWWWWW lol

Beverly Int’l has been incorporating it in their protein for years. Ultra Size is the product that has it in there. Good stuff!

Supposed to be good stuff, been around for a while. EXPENSIVE.

I’ve tried it. I couldn’t get over the taste. It’s kind of like drinking a milkshake flavored with boff drippings. Nasty doesn’t even cover it. I couldn’t find anything to flavor it with to make it more palatable.

Me Solomon Grundy

Hydro whey is pretty nasty also, but as surge proves you can cover it up. One good trick is to use like 1/4 of a pack of kool aid powder. Then add your choice of sweetner, be it carbfull of carbfree.

Works great for me.