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Hydrogenated Fat Question

Does anyone know where I can find information explaining how the body can’t use hydrogenated fats because its chemical composition has been altered? Nothing too technical. Just a brief explanation. Thanks in advance.

Pick up a chemistry text and look up the difference between “cis” and “trans” isomer formation. Typically, fat is always in the cis formation and when the chemical arrangement is changed into a trans position, we are less equipped to deal with it. Whether this is due to binding sites of lipolytic enzymes (my best guess of the top of my head) being altered or something else, I don’t know.

A search in mercola.com would probably come up with something.

It’s not so much on why the body can’t use hydrogenated fats, but on the effects of how it does. They can be incorporated into the cell membrane, when this is done the cell losses pliability (not as flexible) and is not as permiable(does allow nutrients in or out as it should)do to the “cis” “trans” changes stated above. There are also negative effects to the vascular system i think.I may be wrong on these but this is what I think I remember. A decent book that you can look at at your local library is the " protein diet" by dr. eades, they do a pretty good job of explaining the basics and blood changes caused by wrong fats and carbs. Peace, Tmofa

Your body can use them but the problem with them is that it lowers the HDL (High Density Lipopotein) wich is the good cholesterol and it increases the LDL (Low density Lipoprotein) wich is the bad cholesterol so it increases your chance to have blood pressure problems or heart problems.