Hydrogen Peroxide Baths?

  1. Fill the bath tub with warm water with temperature you prefer.

  2. Add one quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide bottle to the bath tub.

  3. Add one-half teaspoon of sea salt to the bath water (Baleine is a good brand).

  4. Avoid direct contact of the bath tub water with eyes.

  5. After five minutes, add a second one quart bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the bath water, if there is no tissue irritation is experienced (see caution note below).

  6. After five minutes, add the third quart bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the bath water.

  7. Stay in the bath from 20 to 25 minutes.

Former Pitt Strength Coach Buddy Morris (Coach X)used it and said it was effective. Anyone tried it with success?

I hope you have no open wounds!

I’ll stick with Epsom salts

He said this was effective for what?

What if the peroxide gets into your penis?

Echo: Effective for what?

The hydrogen Peroxide used isn’t that much so I don’t see how it can hurt. Here’s Buddy Morris on elitefts:

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is part of bio-oxidative medicine which is the addition of oxygen directly to the tissues of the body in the form of singlet oxygen (lone oxygen atoms) in a highly reactive state. In bio-oxidative medicine, oxygen is introduced directly into the body as hydrogen peroxide.

In IV therapy it is infused into the circulatory system through a vien in the arm and drips in over a 90 minute peroid. This kills or severely inhibits the growth of anaerobic organisms(bacteria and viruses that use carbon dioxide for fuel and leave oxygen as a by-product). It also transforms biological waste products and industrial toxins into inert substances by oxidizing them, which makes it easier for the liver and kidneys to handle.

DO NOT drink this stuff or do anything that is stupid. !!!
People have been traveling to baths at Lourdes, in southwest France for years because the waters are suppose to have miracle healing powers. Perhaps it is no coincidence these waters are loaded with hydrgen peroxide.

When you put it in lukewarm water be sure to stir it and do not buy the high grade stuff that is 35% solution or this can burn the skin, which is why i use the stuff from Walmart it is only 3% solution! Many people with arthritis swear by this treatment. When extremely sore this will help remove toxins from the body since removal of said toxins can and does occur through the pores of the skin!

Remember when toxins are removed/released from the cells of the body they must cross the space between those cells and the outside. Ultimately they exit the body through the lungs, liver, kidneys and the pores of the skin!
Any other questions i refer you to Dr. Ron Kennedy of Santa Rosa, California!


Coach X

I have chronic sinusitis, which sucks. From what Coach X wrote, it seems like this treatment has anti-fungal properties and that it improves recovery by accelerating the toxin removal process.

Any opinions?


Not to be a nay sayer, but I went on the site with the exerpt of Dr Kennedy’s writing and there is a number of things that are troubling.

  1. Some statements are completely and utterly false.

  2. No research is mentionned that has been published later than 1984, some dating back to 1920. Also very few articles where mentionned. A couple of those where basic science articles that are clinically irrelevant but serve to increase the number of articles mentionned to look better. This is something important, look for recent litterature, unless its a treatement that’s been shown to be effective so many years ago, like penicillin for bacterial infection, or morphine for pain management.

  3. No negative side effects are mentionned. And with H202 infusions, it is clear that their can be. For one it can induce air bubbles in the blood. And two, it should be obvious to anyone that has been reading on this site that getting a free-radical producing agent such as H202 in your tissues might not be the best thing to do.

  4. As for toxin removal, very few things besides chelation therapy can do this and generally speaking, your kidneys and liver are much better at biometabolizing or excreating toxic substances than basically anything else.

  5. Today, the use of H202 is not even a top choice anymore considering that there are other more effective and less corrosive antiseptic substances available.

In the end, this is the kind of stuff that basically doesn’t work for anything besides disinfection of wounds and cleaning surfaces but has been taken up by the alternative medicine practionners and made it out to be the second coming of Christ. Stopping colds and flu, curing asthma, cancer, AIDS, infections, chronic fatigue and so on and so forth.

So I’ll have to say that this is in all probability worthless, but hey, people get placebo effects all the time so why not…


Wow thanks for your input. Thats going to make me think twice about it.

Thanks for contributing the other side of the coin for this thread.

Also about the 2nd coming (I laughed a bit when I read that comment)- I thought combining the practice of Candida cleansing and liver cleansing was the 2nd coming.

I never knew Coach X was Buddy Morris!!!

[quote]Dandalex wrote:
[it] has been taken up by the alternative medicine practionners and made it out to be the second coming of Christ. Stopping colds and flu, curing asthma, cancer, AIDS, infections, chronic fatigue and so on and so forth.[/quote]

And don’t forget Addison’s Disease and Colon Cancer:


I think I might start adding some to my POW drink…

Or maybe I’ll exercise common sense. I don’t know yet, I’m undecided.

Just a semi related side note.

Hydrogen peroxide is the base for many of the new treatments for swimming pools. A chlorine substitue. Has the cool effect of bleaching your hair with multiple uses/swims etc…

Also the bubbles are cool on wounds etc.

i think u have nothing to lose if you try it. ive tried it twice, when i was paranoid about being sick. now i wasnt really sick it was just paranoia so i couldnt tell you if it did anything or not, but at least i can tell you that it doesnt harm you.

just make sure your skin doesnt touch it before its in the water, because it gets really diluted by the water and that’s how it doesnt harm your skin or bleach your hairs.

if it can help with your problem why not try it.

Cited references at Google scholar and pubmed all seem to allude to possible serious disruption of calcium channels within the body and contraactile ability of smooth muscle (lots on bladder) from thiis practice . .dangrous electrolyte changes

Only value seems to be in mass disinfection of diseases externally ( salmonella, etc.) . .

A Tijuana bath ?

I read a site on this. Now I cannot locate it, but… it was saying that in 1928 a Dr. so and so postulated that flu and cold germs enter the body via the ears as opposed to other orifices. The germs then bred in the inner ear. It goes on to have testimonials of people who pour the 3% solution in their ears and the flu/cold go away. Also it talks about a guy that puts the stuff in like a Nasoral bottle and sprays it like an inhaler. DMSO was also an interesting read. I haven’t tried either. Thank the Lord I am currently healthy. Sore from squats, but healthy.

[quote]ZachDelDesert wrote:
What if the peroxide gets into your penis?[/quote]

It gets infected and swells up, better double baggy it.

[quote]ZachDelDesert wrote:
What if the peroxide gets into your penis?[/quote]

Thats the first thing that came to my mind… seriously, wear a condom or something?

[quote]ZachDelDesert wrote:
What if the peroxide gets into your penis?[/quote]

Holy hell! Great question! I’ll stick to epsom salt baths!! This sounds really weird!

WTF, isnt hydrogen peroxide the stuff they use in the really strong acne washes? That makes ure skin go red and flake?