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Hybrid Warrior eating!!!

As promised, here is our thread for those who plan on joining me in this adventure of hybrid-Warrior type eating habits. Details are as follows: Basically wait off till you finally can no longer control appetite. Once this arises the only source of food should be protein(lean protein from food sources preferably chicken, tuna, albacore, salmon, and turkey)! Have little though, about or around 6oz. servings at a time(half chicken breast, 1 small tuna can etc…). Then at night consume FEAST! all foods from all major food groups, but intelligently! be safe and healthy! We all know what that means!

Supplement protocol for me will be as follows:
MD6 only when needed and only at 1 capsule per serving.
FIber-psyll product twice a day(product from HDT).
r-ala 100mg, chromioum histidinate 200mcg before feast
Vitex (Soloray) upon awakening.
Vitamin ester-c at 3g a day

My beginning stats as of this morning after a post fight pig out fest of pizza, cookiers, hamburgers, beer, white russians, m&m’s, smores, and pop were 153lbs. at 5.7%bf. Usually it reads 146-148 at 4.3-4.6%BF.

So, lets get to it tommorrow. Whose in? list all your menu ideas here? let us know how your doing? progress? or just for assistance holla?

Da Boxer

Who wit me?

I tried it for most of last week but found I was too hyped the way I get when I overtrain, cortisol? I also felt weak at the end of my workouts (renegade, CT mix 1hr 45 mins). I struggled to eat clean at night esp as I was too hungry and just wanted to eat anything and everything. I thought I was going to faint one day and got the screaming shits a few times.
I will however chuck a day into the mix every now and then as achange up, all the best.

Try adding the protein when you need it. Just keep the portions small to not deactivate the sympathetic nervous system. Also, what im doing is planning my meals ahead of time so I know exactly what Im eating. I’ll kepp you updated. So far, ive it’s 4pm and no food yet no supplements, just diet coke, coffee, and a cup of green tea. Before boxing practice tonight I will take a md6 capsule and power drive for sure. stay in touch and keep updating us.

da boxer

So far we’re doing ok. I do not get cravings through out the day, Im not insanely hungry during the day anymore. On monday I used one md6 capsule and that’s been it. My feast usually looks like: Big green salad, hamburgers, eggs w/chicken burritos, and tuna salad sandwiches, then I followed each one of these with a bowl of oatmeal with granola and protein powder. After each oatmeal bowl Ived followed that with cottage cheese and shredded wheat cereal w/peanut butter. I think the chicken and egg burritos on tuesday were the best. Weight is still the same and so is BF!!

Da Boxer