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Hybrid Training Program - Explosive, Strength, and Hypertrophy

Pls check put my workout program.

Mon -
explosive :snatch,
Strength: bench press, incline DB press
Bodybuilding : DB incline presses, cable flies/push up super set, tempo contrast Chest db flies, bicep curl/bicep hammer curl super set and one upper ab routine

Tue - cardio day: 3km run/ kick boxing/bag training

Wed :
Explosive : power clean
Strength : Deadlift
Hypertrophy: chin up / wide grip Lat pulldown, chest supported db row, straight arm lat pulldown, reverse fly and one lower abs exercise

Thursday: cardio same as tuesday

Friday :
Explosive: split jerk/ push press
Strength : back squats
Body building : A1:C db seated military press A2: front squats, B1 side raises B2 weighted lunges, C1 front raises C2: Leg extension C3: ham curl and 1 rotating abs exercise

This is a list of exercises, not a program.

Routines will have sets and reps listed.

Programs will have that AND a progression model.