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Hybrid Training Days?

Is it okay to include one olympic movement, one powerlifting movement and a specific body part movement for hypertrophy? Then cardio for nonworkout days ( running, kickboxing)

Yeah. The exercise combinations are virtually unlimited as long as you don’t beat yourself into a state you’re unable to recover from or injury.

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You can train however you want man.


Time to do some overhead pistol squats on a Bosu ball!

Makes sense.

It’s so weird: this is a hobby, but everyone wants rules.


That’s because I have to prove that I’m hobbying right and you’re hobbying wrong.

I’m hobbying better than you!

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I think EVERYONE forgets that!

Conjugate Training

Implementing different type of Strength Training (Limits Strength, Power, Hypertrophy, Cardio) is know as Conjugate Training.

This method provide a synergistic effect, one type of Strength Training enhances the other; dependent on how well the program is written and performed.

Dr Brad Shoenfeld

Schoenfeld’s research determined that three components promote an increase in muscle mass.

  1. Mechanical Tension: Limit Strength Training

  2. Metabolic Stress: Hypertrophy/Bodybuilding Training

  3. Muscle Damage: Pushing the muscle to failure or near failure at times (not every workout) and full range movement (loaded stretches).

Dr Michael Zourdos

Zourdos research determined that Limit Strength was optimized when the following are incorporated into training program.

  1. Hypertrophy/Bodybuilding Training

  2. Power Training

  3. Limit Strength Training

Zourdos’ research reinforces the Westside Powerlifting Program that has been around for over 30 years. The Westside Powerlifting Program was formulated from…

Olympic Lifters

Olympic Lifter combine Limit Strength Training and Power Training into the same program.

An article by Chris Thibaudeau on this site, went into how the Chinese were including some Hypertrophy.Bodybuilding Training, which carried over to their success in the Olympic Lifts.


Performing one type of Strength Training enhances the other.

The degree of success is dependent on how well the program is written and performed

Kenny Croxdale

Mon -
explosive :snatch,
Strength: bench press,
Bodybuilding : DB incline presses, cable flies/push up super set, tempo contrast Chest db flies, bicep curl/bicep hammer curl super set and one upper ab routine

Tue - cardio day: 3km run/ kick boxing/bag training

Wed :
Explosive : power clean
Strength : Deadlift
Hypertrophy: chin up / wide grip Lat pulldown, chest supported db row, straight arm lat pulldown, reverse fly, 2 triceps and one lower abs exercise

Thursday: cardio same as tuesday

Friday :
Explosive: split jerk/ push press
Strength : back squats
Body building : A1:C db seated military press A2: front squats, B1 side raises B2 weighted lunges, C1 front raises C2: Leg extension C3: ham curl and 1 rotating abs exercise

This is my routine sir

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Deadlift/power clean is a great combo.

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