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Hybrid Strength program ( HyStrength)

Here you go fellas, I felt compelled to write this program for anyone wishing to gain strength, and maybe a little muscle along with it, Its also a really good plateau buster. You can use it, its all yours …If you have any questions ask me and i’ll answer you. Tell me who the program goes for all of you all…It makes me happy to help other people.

Here is the article: Don’t forget to tell me how it goes.

Hello my fellow T-men,

I have an idea for a workout that I have prescribed to my girlfriend to improve her strength. I think this program would be excellent for anyone wishing to gain pure strength along with a little muscle. It would also be an excellent program I think for anyone trying to break through a strength plateau. Here it goes: The exercises that you will use are the squat, deadlift, chin, powerclean and press, and bench. Purest powerlifter I know but that?s what has always gotten through plateaus and gained strength with me. The reps you will use are 5 sets of 5 for each exercise with 3-4 minutes of rest in between sets. This time should be used for visualization, concentration, and preparation for the next set (if you don’t prepare mentally, don’t expect your body to be prepared physically).

You will test your five rep maxes for each exercise before you start the program and every six weeks to make sure you are doing close to your capabilities. You will also have three workouts a week in rotating fashion (I?ll explain later)

You will also set up your weights for each exercise so that you go five pounds above your previous max every three weeks (four if you have been at a plateau with the particular exercise for some time). You will also want to make sure there is a natural progression of say 5 pounds increase each workout for each exercise. If you get to your “5 pounds above” workout and say you can only get one set or two sets with five pounds above your previous max, then the rest of the sets you will want to use the weight used in the last COMPLETE 5X5 workout for the remaining sets. Just make sure you have progression in the sets from week to week if you hit a plateau such as this.

The Tempo you all should use should be 30X.

I think that all, that needs to be covered…if anything is missing or any questions just ask me.

The maxes used to demonstrate the workout to you will be as follows:
Power clean and Press 175x5
Squat 280x5
Bench 240x5
Deadlift 285x5
Chins 210x5 (BW included)

Here’s how it goes:

Week 1
Squat: 260x5x5
Deadlift 270x5x5

Bench: 220x5x5
Chin: 190x5x5 (Gravitron in use)
Powerclean and Press: 160x5x5

Squat: 265x5x5
Deadlift: 275x5x5

Week 2
Bench: 225x5x5
Chin: 195x5x5 (Gravitron)
Powerclean and press: 165x5x5

Squat: 270x5x5
Deadlift: 280x5x5

Bench: 230x5x5
Chin: 200x5x5 (Gravitron)
Power Clean and Press: 170x5x5

Week 3
Squat: 275x5x5
Deadlift: 280x5x5

Bench: 235x5x5
Chins: 205x5x5 (gravitron)
Powerclean and press: 170x5x5

Deadlift: 285x5x5

Week 4
Bench: 240x5x5
Chins: 210x5x5
Powerclean and press: 175x5x5

Squat: 285x5x5
Deadlift: 290x5x5

Bench: 245x5x5
Chins: 215x5x5
Powerclean and press: 180x5x5

There you go fellas, Give this program a go and let me know how it goes for you.
See not everything has to be super high-tech to be highly effective, Getting back to your roots sometimes is the best way to accomplish your strength goals.

Chris Mattingly (AKA Pugs)



It looks god to me

Bump for everyone

I just wanted to bump this one last time for anyone interested in gaining strength through a simple program.


25 and 32% respectively

25% and 32% what do you mean?

What do you all think about this program for someone wanting to gain strength and a little bit of muscle?


If people are interested, they will respond. You don’t need to keep bumping the thread; it’s getting kind of annoying.


I need a critique for a customer thats y im asking…

If people are paying you for your competence and expertise, then you should be confident in the programs that you design.

I am confident, it seem like a damn good program to me but as christian has showed me opinions help and it isn’t perfect and still needs a little work.


I don’t know. Squatting and deadlifting heavy on the same day is not something I would do. Why do you think this is a good idea?

Gravitron? No, thank you. Find a bar and do pull-ups the way God intended.

points taken…I chose squatting and deading since its not that much volume in a workout to do and since the progression of the weights wouldn’t make every time a really heavy day. But taken christian’s advice I think I’ll replace deadlifts with romanian deads to directly targer the hams.
As for the gravitron i used it since in the true nature of progression for workout’s before your previous max workouts your gonna work with less than your bodyweight with some workouts and eventually you will be strapping weights to you in the later workouts so I really don’t see a difference with using less than you BW some workouts and using more than your bw some workouts the weights used were based on my bw.


My personal experience indicates that weight assisted pull-up machines (be they Gravitrons or anything else) pale in comparison to finding a bar, strapping some weight to your waist, and pulling your ass up.

If your “plan” is all about building strength, why work below bodyweight on the pull-ups, esp. when doing a 5 x 5 protocol?

I did think about that but thats all depends on the person im working with and whether they have enough strength to do 5x5 bodyweight chin, and if they don’t id use the gravitron, if they can id strap some weight to them this way both types of people get the same benfits of chins and not using lat pulldowns, which in my op has zero transfer over strength from working with lat pulldown and transfering to chins;this way the weaker person can still reap the benefits of chins and not have to use something inferior like lat pulldowns. I went from being able to not even come close to doing a chin up to doing three at 245 in six monthes using the gravitron with progressivly heavier weight and just working my way up, its not bad as long as you use it corectly.