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Hybrid - Strength/Hypertrophy


I really like the way you emphasis eccentric, concentric, iso, and KEAT training into full encompassing strength programs.

I recently came off of dieting down for some photos and was sorely in need of muscle mass. I just happened to be reading Francis’ site and came across a post where you described Accumulation, Intensification, and Explosive phases of training and how to incorporate the different regimes of strength into the phases.

I started with your example of the accumulation phase and the result, 12 POUNDS gained in 2.5 weeks and bf% stayed the same. Obviously with more calories than I had been eating but the training techniques you prescribed worked amazingly (especially max duration iso).

My question: How would you reccomend incorporating inensification techniques and some of the accumulation techniques into a hybrid program to further this hypertrophy gain. (I will also include explosive training for maintenance). Or do you adapt so quickly to these techniques that it would be advisable to go straight to an intensification phase.

My split at that time was upper, lower, energy sys. work, upper, lower, explosive.

Thanks for the help.

P.S. I didn’t realize you guys count the callouses on your athletes hands :wink:


You could try a pendulum approach:

1 week Hypertrophy
1 week strength
1 week power
1 week strength
1 week hypertrophy


Thanks. I like that approach and had not thought of it. Keeps the boredom down too.

Keep up the good work.