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Hybrid Routine, Need Input

Introduction: I am 22 years old, I’ve been working out since I was 19-20. I started experimenting a little bit with body weight but got my free-weight equipment after a couple months into it.
The reason I want to create a hybrid is because I really enjoy both calisthenics and free weights and I don’t really want to put down the weights yet, even for just a few months as I really do enjoy it and calisthenics was a lot of fun when I started working out, and seeing videos of it performed too, it really does look like a lot of fun.
Goal: Hypertrophy and learning some neat tricks/body control.
Idea: I want to create a hybrid programme (bodyweight + free weight) with maybe 3-4 week long phases that will go up in intensity every couple weeks or so. Adding supersets, maybe adding half reps so you do 1.5 reps instead of 1, pyramiding, adding isolation work etc. If you have any other preferences to intensify a routine you’re welcome to share.

What I mostly need help with here is how to implement both styles into 1 routine. Doing both in 1 session, changing between them every other week, what would you guys do? If someone would help me out with a quick rough-cut template I could work with I would really appreciate it. I really don’t know how to go about creating a hybrid routine…

Maybe there are some good hybrid programmes out there that you know of, even if it’s completely different styles I could take something from that and kinda figure out how to put 2 styles together, that’d possibly be useful too.

Personally I prefer a U/L split or a 4 day full body split like I’m doing now.
1 vertical push, 1 horizontal pull, squats (few more sets than the upper body exercises).
1 horizontal push, 1 vertical pull, deadlifts, hamstring curls.
I’ve really enjoyed this type of set-up, it’s gotten some exercises added onto it as I’ve gone along with it as to increase the intensity but that’s pretty much what it started out like.
I much prefer this one over the typical U/L template like the PHUL, for instance. But these are my favourite splits anyway.

If I’m being unclear about anything or missing something just let me know.
Thank you

You could do this with any number of different programs. Just get in your main work with the barbell and then do your bodyweight work afterwards. If you’re doing plyos, do those before the main barbell work.

If hypertrophy is your goal, pick a rep scheme conducive towards that for your barbell work and make sure you progress somehow or another. Like bumping the weight up, or reducing rest intervals, or increasing bar speed. You can even do both. I like to sometimes keep a rep scheme with the same weight and reduce rest inbetween sets, then when I reach a selected rest interval, I bump up the weight and do it all over again.

You’ll probably find that your joints will thank you and you’ll start feeling more ‘athletic’. There’s a lot of bodyweight exercises you can add weight to. Of course, increasing reps will work to a point. Also, once you get so good at one bodyweight variation, do the next level of difficulty. Bulgarian split squats too easy? Do lunges where your back foot never touches the ground. Those too easy after a while? Pistols to a box. Then take the box away. And etc.

No one that has any ideas?
EDIT: Just saw I got a reply that let through lol sorry

Yeah that’s a good idea. Finally someone that doesn’t just completely bash bodyweight exercises!

Does anyone have any more ideas too? :slight_smile:

I think there’s a 5/3/1 variation that has bodyweight assistance? Someone else might be able to be more specific but I’m sure if you do a little googling you’d find it.

I know it’s fairly easy to combine a strength program with calisthenics, all you’d do would be to do your main strength lift followed by calisthenics. However hypertrophy programs are a bit different so I can’t help you out there.

Well if I do a 12 week program I can kinda start it off with strength to help out with the fancier calisthenics movement, I don’t have to strictly go for hypertrophy focused training, kinda switch it up.
So any ideas are useful :slight_smile:

I completely forgot about 5/3/1! I could use that too

Check out the thread “5’s PRO + FSL 5x5” from Feb. 26, in Wendlers forum. Post #2 lays It out pretty nice.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll do that now