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Hybrid Program for Strength and Conditioning


I'm new to this so I apologize for such a lengthy post but I just made a new workout schedule and I just wanted to see what you guys thought about it. I'm trying to train for strength and explosion but also overall fitness cause I want to join the military or law enforcement one day in the near future so I have to keep the running/sprints up and the plyometric work for functional fitness. I love powerlifting and Olympic lifts and I'm fairly experienced in both from wrestling and football.

Just a few clarifications for the program, for shred abs I mean like regular bodyweight abs, for power abs I mean weighted abs. Other than accessory lifts, I'm training in the 1-6 rep range for powerlifts and 1-3 range for oly lifts.
For the explosive/bodyweight workouts I'll be doing circuit workouts with things like slam balls, battle ropes, wall balls, box jumps, plyo push-ups, tire flips, sledge hammers, farmers walks, kb swings, broad jumps, and burpees depending on what I'm doing in the surrounding days so it won't negatively impact my big lifts.

Day 1:
AM- Run, power abs
PM-Back squat, bench, weighted dips alternated each week with either barrel bench/tricep bench, tricep accessory movement
Day 2:
AM- Weighted pull ups, explosive/bodyweight, shred abs
PM- Full clean & jerk/press alternated each week, full snatch, alternate pendlay rows/bent over rows/seated low cable rows
Day 3:
Day 4:
AM- Sprint/interval runs (alternate hill and flat), power abs
PM- Back squat, bench, incline bench alternated with db flies
Day 5:
AM- Pull ups, explosive/bodyweight, shred abs
PM- Power clean variations, power snatch variations, chin ups (weighted and unweighted/ bicep accessory work
Day 6:
AM- Push press alternated with military press + behind the neck press each week, heavy bag work
PM- Deadlifts + SLDLs/ alternated with good mornings each week, alternated each week with front squats + RDLs
Day 7:

Thanks for the feedback, and again sorry for such a long post, its my first.


Military or LE? If military, what branch?

What exactly is “one day in the near future?”


I’m in college right now so when I graduate, and as for branch I’d like to go anything combats arms, hopefully one day going into rangers (of course a lot more running when I get closer to that), or SWAT one day through law enforcement.