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Hybrid Hypertrophy vs. Wave Loading

There have been two great training articles this week by Chad Waterbury and Ian King. In Hybrid Hypertrophy, CW seems to discount wave loading in the squats example (Sets of 10,8,6,4,2). I would like to see some discussion on this topic…

CW isn’t discounting wave loading, he is stating that most trainees train to failure using that type of rep/set scheme. Mostly becuase they start out fairly light and end up ass heavy where form breaks down. Either that or people will train heavy and finish light and he states that the CNS will “remember” the light load not the heavy load.

The keys to either one of these priciples working is avoiding failure. I know that I am guilty as hell when it comes to training like that but its just my mentality and I am working at letting it go…

CW chimed in on the Wave Manifesto thread and gave his support of this training style. Like everyone on here will tell you anything will work but nothing works forever. I plan to use HH after I finish up OLAD; which btw uses wave loading! DJ knows his shit too.

I don’t think that Chad discounts wave loading. He discounts the idea of working to failure on every set. King also agrees that “balls to the wall” is not effective for maximal gains.

I didn’t get that impression from CW at all. In fact I saw no crossover info at all. Just a different plan for size gains. If there was only one way to do it this site would not be here for long.
By the way, both plans sure looked solid
I can’t wait to work with each parameter.