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Hybrid Hypertrophy Theory


I have a theory that I just implemented into my training, makes sense to me, tell me what you guys think.
My idea is that when working one body part per day, say three exercises, you use three different lifting techniques, lower reps heavy (5-8 reps), another exercise 8-15 reps, and the third an explosive technique low reps (3-6) a la The Perfect Rep. Then the next week, same exercises however different lifting technique.

This way, throughout two to three weeks all possible muscle fibers are hit. Here is an example

Monday Chest
Flat Bench 5x5
Decline Dumbell 7 x 4 (perfect rep style)
Flyes 4x12

Next Monday
Flat Bench 7 x 4 (perfect rep style)
Decline Dumbell 4x12
Flyes 5x5
(I would never do flyes heavy 5x5, but you know what I mean).


Fed Hatfield talked about this sort of thing a long time ago, so it's nothing new.

I tried it for a while and found that the higher-rep sets didn't do much for most muscle groups, but the overall program worked well.


I don't understand what you're saying. On one hand you say that higher-rep sets didn't do much, yet you say the overall program worked well. How do you know then that the higher-rep sets weren't that good? Did you improve with the removal of them?


The idea behind perfect reps is to always do your reps that way from what I understand. I think this has also been called contrast training, etc. Something lots of lifters have used and is also in various programs. But it makes sense, I have done heavy weight, followed by an exercise done in 8-12 range. Then finish off with something isolation for medium to higher reps or failure.

I'm not sure the point of doing an explosive exercise while fatigued but the general basis sounds OK.

You may also want to look up conguate method or ECO training


Hatfield's program involved far more than high-rep sets. I believe it's in his Scientific Approach to Bodybuilding, which now that I look back on it seems way ahead of its time.

As for my comment, I didn't see any decriment to most muscle groups when I simply eliminated the high-rep work. I kept it for forearms and calves since it seemed to benefit the.


Kinda sounds like an article thibs had a while back when he was shunning his oly lifter side, lemme see if I cnan find it..


It sounds like you're overthinking, especially if you're not already an experienced, pretty big dude.

That's just me, though. I'm a simpleton.


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