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Hybrid Hamburger Blends Soy and Beef

Coming soon to a supermarket near you:

“Hybrid” hamburger blends soy and beef -
Solae touts tasty alternative for health-conscious burger lovers

ST. LOUIS - What’s a health-conscious burger lover to do? The real thing tends to have too many calories and too much fat, but meatless burgers seem to lack the flavor and consistency of real beef.

St. Louis-based Solae LLC has come up with a solution, a patent-pending invention called SoleCina that involves both the process and the ingredients to produce either a “hybrid” meat ? part soy, part real meat ? or a completely meatless food that tastes like chicken, beef, pork or turkey.

The company said both versions taste ? and feel to the mouth ? much like real meat, but are much healthier. For example, a hybrid burger dubbed the “Better Burger” by Solae has two-third the calories and half the fat and saturated fat as a burger of comparable size.

Read the whole article at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13580172/

‘Hybrid’ Burgers have been around for years.

All I have to ask is why would you want to not have meat in your burger?

[quote]Raimisch wrote:
All I have to ask is why would you want to not have meat in your burger?[/quote]

To replace those “e-vil” calories and fat with the donut you would wrap it in, silly. Isn’t progress grand?