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Hybrid Dilemma

Huge problem…
A buddy of mine decided to take some advice from some bumfuck musclehead nobody. He was given a unclear stack of anadrol/deca/test.acetate. Well worse is coming to worse and he needs to get his testes back in gear after his binge.
Anybody know what to take to help him get off of this crazy cycle!!?

Proviron = 20mg/d
Nolvadex = 20-40mg/d
HCG = 500iu/d
Ipriflavone/Methoxyflavone = 3g day
You could also throw in some alpha-male and some creatine. Melatonin and metformin may also help.

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It’s not advisable to use Proviron to come off a cycle (PCT) as it is highly suppressive and will only hamper recovery.