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I was at the local YMCA last night doing my workout; dead lifting while all the fat/skinny people (still don’t understand how you achieve this body type, huge fat torso, with skinny arms and legs) stared at me while they are wearing gloves to use Nautilus machines. While I was resting in between sets I started listening in on a conversation between a “personal trainer” and one of the fat/skinnies. He was about 6’5" around 280-300 and his upper arms were probably in the 12-13" range with about a 48" waist. He had a mullet with shaved off sides, kind of like Brian Bosworth without the spiky effect, but that?s a different rant all together.

Anyway, she went on to explain to this behemoth that she would have him go through 3 phases of training. She told him that first would be strength, then speed and last they would do HYPERBOLE! She then explained that HYPERBOLE is a word used to describe the size and shape of one’s muscles. Holy Shit! I guess if you used it correctly it would work, ?I can bench press a ton.? There, hyperbole just made me bigger and stronger.

Just thought you guys would get a kick out of that.

Motor activity requires Level 1 neural systems. Everything that moves has it. No brain power necessary.

Talking/thinking (coherently) requires Level 3 neural.

Pity the poor mullet-head you described, obviously Level-3 challenged.

In non-PC terms, it`s not because you can lift that you can find/explain precisely what made you do it.

Thats funny. Maybe she was being a smart ass to the boz. Probably not though. I’ve known a bunch of guys who used hyperbole to describe the size and shape of their muscles. Also their lifts. So yeah, I guess hyperbole would pretty much explain their entire training style.

maybe its some new underground super d-bol or something.



Ask her to critique the Anti Bodybuilding Hyperbole Program, see what she thinks.

Thanks for sharing that. LMAO!