Hy-Vee: Bruce Campbell of Supermarkets

I am doing the bodybuilder happy dance.

Even though I’m not a bodybuilder.

A HyVee just opened up about 4 minutes WALKING distance from me…

I got a 4 lb Amana Pot Roast for $8

I got 1.5 lb pork butterflyes… 3 of them for $5!

and I got 3 frozen pizzas for 5 bucks.

total spent $18 on 23 meals.

It’s the Bodybuilders Food Valhalla.

Hy-Vee rules! There all over here in the Kansas City, they have awesome deals on meat all the time. I always buy from the meat counter but keep your eye out in the cases just outside the meat counter, they’ll sometimes have yesterdays cut for big discount. Bought 10 bacon wrapped turkey filets for $1.50, got 2lbs of sword fish for $3, not sure about this though, makes me nervious.
I’ve also bought 7-10lb pork loin for $12-15.

Hy-Vee rocks! Started and based in Iowa. Where there’s a smile in every aisle!

that sounds awesome

Some HyVee’s have a healthmart thing. The one near my house sells pretty cheap protein (whey and a casien-fiber mix). Its made by a company called NNW. Its interesting stuff - tastes ok and its made with stevia which is good or bad, I haven’t made up my mind yet… If you happen to find a HyVee healthmart, try the cinnamon bun protien, its real good for cooking.