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HV vs HD vs HIT for Mass


aside that it's always better to "change" the method...

which kind of approch you prefer/use for maximize mass gains?

i use hight intensity workout.. but i have some problem with arms training.. i don't get the mass i want :slight_smile:

so i plan to change training method for the arms.. may be high density..


I'm on EDT right now. I suppose it's working good, I mean I feel DOMS really bad :P. Next week I kick it up to 90min a week w/30min sessions.

I'm suggesting High Density w/High Volume.


Maybe try CT's HSS-100 workout for arms. Or try throwing in Waterbury's Booster Shots for Bis/Tris/Forearms


I prefer weight lifting where I get stronger over time.


me too
but i also like to become really bigger :slight_smile: