HustlingHat93's Road to 123lb and Weak to Strong

BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 4 week 3 day 1 (Bench)
(done yesterday)

Bench: 55kg/121lbs x5, 62.5kg/138lbs x5, 70kg/154lbs x5 | 55kg/121lbs x14,11,11,11+3
Seal Row: 3x12 and 1x14 with 20kg/44lbs
Seated DB shoulder press: 15kg/33lbs x13,11,9 and 10kg/22lbs x17
Weighted Crunches: 50 total reps over 3 sets


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 4 week 3 day 2 (Upper body based conditioning)

Tabata Battle ropes: 8 rounds of 20/10

Bench press 40kg/88lbs x20 into 40kg/88lbs x20 rows
Incline press 30kg/66lbs x20 into 30kg/66lbs x30 rows

5 minute EMOM of 5 cleans into thrusters with 30kg/66lbs

Tabata Battle ropes: 8 rounds of 20/10 once again

3x cable push downs
3x Bicep curls


So today was fun. I have DOMS all across the legs and chest area so today’s little session to get blood flowing was good.


Update on this. Didn’t get the job, which considering the money discrepancy isn’t a big deal. A relief actually, because it takes making the decision out of my hands.

However, the feedback provided has me in a very pissy mood. I quote:

"We love the attitude and knowledge demonstrated along with your case studies. But we feel
like you did not demonstrate the passion for training yourself and clients the way we want. We’d love for you to reapply in 6-9 months after going through a periodized and structured program using our books to show us a body transformation of you reaching your goal which is putting on muscle "

I mean … That’s just a backhanded way of saying “You are too small”


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 4 week 3 day 3 (Deadlift)

Deadlift: 110kg/242lbs x5, 125kg/276lbs x5, 140kg/309lbs x5 | 110kg/242lbs x12,14,12,12

RDL: 1x20 with 70kg/154lbs
Bulgarian Split squats: 3x10 each leg with 32kg/71lbs ( Two 16kg/36lbs Kettlebells)

Decline DB Press: 2x25 with 20kg/44lbs
Lat pull down: 3x10
Low cable row: 2x10


Damn it today was a bad day. I just didn’t feel like ‘I had it’ going into today. The bar was also very annoyingly rolling on one side (I think the area has uneven flooring in some spots due to weights being dropped constantly) so the high rep work was difficult. With that being said managed the main work and managed the 50 reps in 4 sets so the work got done.


Fk them, they lost a good person for the job


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 4 week 3 day 4 (Press)

Overhead press: 25kg/55lbs x5, 27.5kg/61lbs x5, 30kg/66lbs x5 | 5x10 with 25kg/55lbs

Barbell bent over rows:2x10 with 55kg/121lbs and 3x10 with 60kg/132lbs
Incline DB press: 3x10 + 1x6 with 20kg/44lbs and 1x4 with 15kg/33lbs
Weighted Ab crunch: 3x10

3x10 Tate press superset with barbell curls


Again today felt rough on the BBB work. May be the fact that I am typically in a rush on Wednesdays and with the weight being light I tend to rush through the BBB and row work without any real rest.

That being said, still happy with the end result of making it through a cycle with OHP as a main lift.


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 4 week 3 day 5 (Lower body conditioning)

Prowler pushes

  • 25 KB swings with 20kg/44lbs followed by 40kg/88lbs added low handle push to one end and 80kg/176lbs high handle push back and finished with 25 KB swings with 20kg/44lbs

  • 3 rounds of 60kg/132lbs added low handle push one end and same weight high handle sprint push back followed by 50 KB swings with 20kg/44lbs

Tabata front squats
8 rounds of 20/10 with 10kg/22lbs


Hex bar deadlifts : 82.5kg/192lbs x3, 112.5kg/248lbs x3, 152.5kg/336lbs x3,172.5kg/380lbs x1
and 182.5kg/402lbs x1 (Is this the first time I’ve pulled 400lbs in any way?)

3x Seated bicep curls
3x Dumbbell skullcrushers


So today was a decent conditioning session. The prowler pushes with KB swings worked like magic. Something about low handle marches followed by prowler sprints and then swings just works for me. Drenched in sweat and heart rate up.

Also Hex bar deadlifts at work were fun. Happy with hitting the 400lbs pull even though I know Hex deadlifts are ‘easier’.


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 4 week 3 day 6 (Extra work)

Incline Bench press: 1x20 with 30kg/66lbs and 1x20 with 35kg/ 77lbs
Incline DB Press: 1x5 + 1x3 with 25kg/55lbs and 2x5 with 22.5kg/50lbs

Power cleans: 35kg/ 77lbs x5, 40kg/88lbs x5, 45kg/99lbs x5
Bent over row: 45kg/99lb x20

Barbell Floor press: 50kg/110lbs x10, 55kg/121lbs x7 and 60kg/132lbs x6
Hammer curls: 3x10 with 10kg/22lbs


Not much to say. Decent little session to get more upper body work done.


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 4 week 3 day 7 (Squats)
(Done yesterday)

Squats: 100kg/220lbs x5, 112.5kg/248lbs x5, 125kg/276lbs x5 | 100kg/220lbs x11,10,15,14

Hip thrusts:2x10 with 120kg/264lbs
Walking lunges (30kg/66lbs Barbell): 2x30 steps (15 each leg)
Weighted Dips: 12.5kg/28lbs x10,10,8
Decline DB Press: 1x22 with 22.5kg/50lbs
Weighted Pull ups: 10kg/22lbs x7,5,5,4
Lat pull down: 3x10


So not the best of days but everything got done.

Today is bench test week so hopefully a PR is incoming!


7WP PR week day 1 (Bench +OHP)

Bench: 52.5kg/116lbs x5, 60kg/132lbs x5, 67.5kg/149lbs and 75kg/165lbs x4

Seal Row: 3x12 and 1x14 with 20kg/44lb
Incline DB press: 2x15 with 15kg/33lbs

OHP: 25kg/55lbs x5, 27.5kg/61lbs x5. 32.5kg/72lbs x5 and 35kg/77lbs x5
Incline press: 40kg/88lbs x2, 50kg/110lbs x2 and 60kg/132lbs x2


So today was a bad day.

And no PR was seen. Got 1 rep less than my rep PB with this weight. And going from amount of reps my estimated max has slightly gone down from the 72.5kg/160lbs x6 estimated max from last 7WP week. However TM is still in the range of 85-90% for BBB (85% exactly would be the TM I just finished with) so TM is good enough for the last cycle of BBB. Not too worried considering I have still yet to need 5x10 to get the 50 reps in.

Also went off plan and did the OHP work today. Managed 5 for the TM and probably could have got more but form was getting sloppy with excessive back leaning that I called it a day.

Recovery time and hopefully deadlifts go better.


7WP PR week day 2 (Deadlift)

Deadlift: 107.5kg/237lbs x5, 122.5kg/270lbs x5, 137.5kg/303lbs and 152.5kg/336lbs x5

Incline bench: 40kg/88lbs x12, 45kg/99lbs x10, 50kg/110lbs x5 and 55kg/121lbs x3
Low cable row: 2x15
Leg extensions: 2x10
Seated leg curls: 2x10

So today wasn’t the best of days. Got 5 reps so no PB but TM is good enough for next cycle.

Not too fussed about the fact that my estimated max is down from last 7wp week. The focus at the moment is accumulating volume with the supplemental work and I am steadily doing that with progressively more weight.

Next test week will be more important in the scheme of things as I plan on resetting TMs based on the reps achieved before going into 5/3/1 for hardgainers


7WP PR week day 3 (Squat)
(done yesterday)

Squats: 100kg/220lbs x5, 110kg/243lbs x5, 125kg/276lbs x5 and 137.5kg/303lbs x5 | 150kg/331lbs x1

Hip thrusts: 2x5 with 140kg/309lbs
Seated leg curls: 2x10
Leg extensions: 2x10

Incline barbell bench: 3x10 with 40kg/88lbs
DB bench press: 1x20 with 20kg/44lbs
Lat pulldown: 5x10

So enough reps on the TM to know it’s accurate. Technically a rep PR with the top set and a 1rm PR with the extra single I hit afterwards.

Had 2 different people compliment at the gym today. A woman hit me with the “For someone so petite you are strong” = backhanded compliment? And a dude told me I looked bigger which was nice

Anyhow onto the last BBB cycle today with Benching


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 5 week 1 day 1 (Bench)

Bench: 47.5kg/105lbs x5, 55kg/121lbs x5, 62.5kg/137lbs x5 | 47.5kg/105lbs x23,15,12

Seal Row: 20kg/44lbs x19,15,16
Seated DB shoulder press: 15kg/33lbs x14,10,8,8+5+5
Weighted Crunches: 50 total reps over 3 sets

3x Bicep curls
3x Tricep extensions

No not much to say. Today’s bench work was exactly the same as week 1 of last cycle so I made it a point of aiming for 1 more rep on the first Malcolm-X set.


The numbers in your log prove it. You ARE strong!


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 5 week 1 day 2 (Deadlift)

Deadlift: 100kg/220lbs x5, 115kg/254lbs x5, 130kg/287lbs x5 | 100kg/220lbs x17,16,17

RDL: 1x20 with 70kg/154lbs
Bulgarian Split squats: 3x10 each leg with 32kg/71lbs ( Two 16kg/36lbs Kettlebells)

Decline DB Press: 20kg/44lbs x23,20
Bench press: 1x7 with 60kg/132lbs
Lat pull down: 3x10
Low cable row: 2x10


Hex bar deadlifts : 82.5kg/192lbs x1, 112.5kg/248lbs x1, 152.5kg/336lbs x3 and 182.5kg/402lbs x1


So not a bad day. Everything got done and even managed some extra work at home (won’t do this Thursday as part of conditioning).

I decided for this cycle that on lower body days the push/pull work will be something different to dips and pull ups.


BBB (Malcolm-X) cycle 5 week 1 day 3 (OHP)

Overhead press: 22.55kg/50lbs x5, 27.5kg/61lbs x5, 30kg/66lbs x5 | 22.55kg/50lbs x15,15,10,10

Incline bench press: 19,16,15
KB Seal rows: 3x20 with 16kg/35lbs
Weighted Ab crunch: 3x10
Hammer curls: 3x10
Tricep extensions: 3x10

Not much to say except my shoulder/ trap area is sore as hell.

Work got done and we move.