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HustlingHat93's Road to 123lb and Weak to Strong

Lower body Plyo day

6x3 Jumping Hex deadlifts
6x3 triple jumps over 1x small hurdle, 1x medium hurdle, 1x 26 inch Box
6x3 Box jumps
3x3 Bulgarian Split Squat jumps
3x3 each leg lateral jumps over mini hurdle
10 Kicks on the bag each leg. (As fast and hard as possible)
4x Max effort push on the prowler
3x Lighter prowler sprints


Upper Body Plyo day

6x3 plyo push ups ground to box
6x3 plyo push ups with feet elevated
3x3 single arm ball throws
3x3 double arm throws/ push
3x3 each side rotating ball throws
3x5 Medicine ball slams
3x6 ball throws lying on a bench
3x3 heavy medicine ball throws
3x Max effort weighted sled rope pulls

3x Flat db press suppersetted
3x Neutral grip incline db press
5x rows
3x Low cable rows
3x MR pull ups
And arms.

So I’m HEAVILY leaning towards taking the deload week. Have a slight niggle in my left pec, my left knee and I have a cold so might just listen to the body and trust performance wont be badly affected when I come back to the last programme


Take the deload.

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100% taking it.
Unsure how yet but 100% taking this week as an active deload.

On another note I’ve struggled with finding purpose/ passion in my job for a while ( I studied law, worked in law and then tried recruitment and then worked in property and now work in Media sales) and everyone close to be suggested I look at the fitness industry because I’ve had a passion about combat sports/ training since a kid. Anyways been doing a course to qualify as a Level 3 PT and had my practical assessment today which I passed


Congrats on passing your exam!

Don’t be too quick to jump into fitness. It’s a tough industry and everyone has the next best thing. The “successful” people tend to only care about sales and views. If you’re passionate about helping people then you’ll be like me - you’ll want to teach people to train on their own so they can be successful long term. Unfortunately, that’s bad for client retention.

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Yeah 100% Agree. I think long term I would love to to a position of coaching/ S&C for combat sports but at the moment I’m just keeping my eye out and seeing if/ when it will be the right time for me to get into the industry.

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Deload day 1

Squat : 55kg/121lb x 5 , 67.5kg/149lb x5, 82.5kg/182lb x 5

Deadlift: 60kg/132lbs, 72.5kg/160 lb x 5 and 87.5kg/193lb x 5

Bench: 30kg/66lb x5, 37.5kg/82lb x5, 45kg/99lb x5

3x Incline Db Press
5x Bent over rows
3x Weighted pull ups ( 5kg/11lb lighter than usual)

Then did about 15 mins of stretching and foam rolling.

Decided to do the deload like this of minimal accessory and doing lifts with the deload% given on the same day. This was I’m only in the gym 3 days this week, get to work on technique on the main lift more and most important get extra sleep

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This was my initial dream job. It took me a while but I finally figured out the best way for me to do that is to become a teacher.

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I’ve been thinking about this a bit. I’ve heard the reason why a man shouldn’t hit a woman being that in general a woman can’t defend themselves as they are smaller / weaker. Well, if that is true, shouldn’t we not fight anyone who isn’t about the same size / strength. Like is it really much better that a jacked 200 lb guy beats on a 150 lb guy? It isn’t like the smaller guy has much of a chance unless there is a huge skill discrepancy.

I guess, I’ll just stick to not fighting people.

This has been my approach for my entire life. Even in school, I avoided fights. I was always afraid of my dad and the consequences of getting kicked out of school.

And in regards to the woman thing, I have, unfortunately, seen women take advantage of this. Actually, girls. High schools girls are nasty these days. My wife told me about a kid who is close to being special needs in the mental category at her school. Two girls jumped him and beat the hell out of him. I always thought men shouldn’t hit women, but I suppose they’ve earned it if they do crap like that. I see a lot of people doing bad things and it’s ultimately because no one stops them. They need consequences to make them think twice the next time.

Probably have been for awhile. As a guy, I didn’t see it, but now I hear girls tell their stories of being bullied in HS. So much more physiological than what guys did to each other IME.

I bet those two think back on that one their whole lives with regret.

They won’t. They’re proud of that behavior here. Hell, they’ll record it or put it on Facebook Live when it happens. Absent all attention, grooming, and correction, this is how most of our citizens turn out. They’re selfish and violent. That leads to taking what they want, fighting when they’re caught, and fighting every time their feelings are hurt.

The boys, on the other hand, are cowards. Very few fight anymore. Everything turns into a drive-by shooting. Luckily, they’re rarely hit anyone. I don’t think they want to hit anyone; they keep shooting at unoccupied houses to show how tough they are.

There is weight classes in combat sports for a reason because size is a MASSIVE advantage. In the street a small guy who knows how to fight can even out the size advantage. But yeah in the case of what happened 100% the big guy bullied the small guy because physically he risked nothing… Hence the DB to the head being (while savage!) something I actually respect

I honestly believe their shouldn’t be anything different when it comes to violence when it comes to men and women. Avoid violence, if things get physical try and then try to restrain them and stop them hitting you (this is when I think most men should be able to end the physical use against women), if you can’t restrain them and dont have a choice then hit them regardless of gender.

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the most shocking part of the whole thing was how the big guy publically embarrasses someone and then felt safe enough to turn his back, and lay down in a compromised position.

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Certainly some mental issues going on with both here. Like what type of dick kicks someone off of a bench due to being bigger. If there is only one, you ask to work in, and make a friend.

I had an unusual gym experience yesterday. Show up to squat. Find a rack among many open ones that had the J-cups just right. Set my duffle bag in the rack, to go find the squat bar I like. Some dude just goes and puts his belt also in the same rack. I am like okay, maybe the guy is just self unaware (I have thought the guy seemed like a weirdo in the past). So I move my bag over to the next rack. Once I am finished moving my stuff, the guy goes to another rack. I am like well I still don’t have to adjust my J-cups on the one I was on, so I move my duffle bag back over. Then he takes the bar out of his current rack and puts it in the one I am currently in. So I as someone who avoids unnecessary confrontation go back to the other one.

I figure the guy was either being a massive prick, but there is a possibility he was just completely un self aware. The thing is, he was right there for all of it. The first time, I can see a mistake happening, but after all of it, it seems hard to believe he isn’t just a massive prick. By the looks of it, I could have beaten his ass no problem too. Just having a hard time understanding it.

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he wanted to make you famous, or infamous depending on how it turned out.

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Maybe. I still give him the benefit of doubt, but his actions seem hard to defend IMO. I just don’t see why one would want to start a fight like that. Hardly anyone in the gym, and the ones there would have taken my side anyways.

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Yeah some people don’t realise consequences are real and depending on the environment you were raised in… shit like that doesnt slide.

Some people while in a bad mood just look for any excuse and when there is none they try and make one. Idiots.

I am not that big, but there also seems to be a thing about starting fights with big guys. Like they might get their ass beaten, but if they win they somehow get respect. I have had guys at bars try to instigate stuff with me out of the blue.