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HustlingHat93's Road to 123lb and Weak to Strong

Full Body Day
Squats: 5x10 with 90kg/ 198lbs
Deadlifts: 5x10 with 100kg/ 220lbs
Bench: 5x8 with 52.5kg/ 116lbss
Rows: 5x10 with 50kg/ 110lbs
CGBP: 1x5 with 50kg/ 110lbs and 60kg/132lbs x3,2
Weighted Chin ups: 3x5 with 5kg/11lbs weight
DB shoulder press: 3x10 with 12kg/27lbs
3x Heavy Prowler marches

Decided to up the lower body lifts by 5kg/11lbs more than planned just due to the results of the MR sets on Saturday. Unsure if I will do the same with the other variations
The 5x8 on Bench felt decent enough, reason I am going for 8 reps is just to slow down the weight increase. If add weight week to week god knows I will stall out within 4-6 weeks


That is so much work in a day. Are you following a program or did you write this yourself?

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I wrote it myself ( well I took a program but changed it to fit my needs/ wants to the point it would be an insult to claim it’s still the program)

Upper body day

Incline bench: 4x8 and 1x10 with 42.5kg/94lbs
Rows: 5x10 with 52.5kg/116lbs
Additional incline bench(Instead of DB bench press due to no free benches): 40kg/88lbs x 8,7, 2x5 with 50kg/100lbs and 1x3 with 55kg/ 121lbs

DB Shoulder press: 5x10 with 12kg/22lbs
5x10-12 Lat pull down
4x10 Low Cable Row

3x3 scoop throws with 9kg/20lbs
2x6lying ball throws with 9kg/20 lbs
2x3 Plyo push ups onto 20" boxes
6 sets of biceps and 6 sets of triceps


  • Today was rough, rough. Woke up at 3am yesterday and got to bed at 11pm. Alarm woke me at 4am and physically didn’t feel it so slept an extra few hours, hit the main part of the workout at my gym and then went to the work gym ( it has limited equipment)

Lower body day
SSB Squats: 4x10 and 1x16 with 80kg/ 176lbs
Sumo Deads: 4x10 and 1x14 with 90kg/ 198lbs
SSB Alternating Lunges: 2x5 each leg with 45kg/ 99lbs and 2x5 with 50kg/110lbs
RDL: 3x5 with 80kg/ 176lbs
Hip Thrust: 4x5 with 80kg/176lbs

6x sprints on the trueform runner

Will add notes later today when I update the jump work done at work


Additional jumps

Box jumps: 2x3 onto a 27" box and 2x2 onto a 30" box
3x2 and 1x3 depth jumps from 30" to 30" box
Core work


I love me some box squats keep it going

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Upper body day #2

Bench: 4x8+ 1x11 with 52.5kg/116lbs
Additional benching: 2x10 with 42.5kg/94lbs.1x10 with 50kg/110lb, 1x8 with 52.5kg/116lbs and 1x1 with 70kg/154lbs
Rows: 5x10 with 52.5kg/116lbs
DB Shoulder press: 5x10 with 12.5kg/27lbs
Weighted pull ups with 10kg/22lbs: 5,4,4,4,4
Single arm low row: 4x6
Low cable row: 2x10


  • Not a bad workout. I really need to stop being lazy and doing additional benching instead of DB work.
  • Also realising I need to take longer rest periods if I want to make real progress, I don’t time my rest periods but I did keep track on my watch today and I have a bad habit of only resting 30-45 secs.

Or push your work sets harder so by the time 45 seconds have passed you’re still sitting there asking how you’re going to be able to repeat that again in a few minutes?

I’ve noticed that you seem to have quite a few reps left in you seemingly

I noted on your

Are you allowing your form to break down on those higher rep sets or are they still solid reps?

Keeping the reps solid. With the SSB I was going for 20 but after the 16th I ended up shifted too forward so called it. Similarly with Benching I stop the reps when I noticed a form break down when my left side starts going up before the right.

Ah yeah with how new high reps being I started off close to 65% of max to allow constant progression week on week. The MR sets are just used a gauge of if I should add 2.5kg, 5kg or more for the next week.

Lower body day #2
Deadlifts: 4x10+1x11 with 100kg/ 220lbs + 1x1 with 140kg/309lbs (Need to stop doing singles :man_facepalming:t3:)
Squats: 4x10 and 1x12 with 90kg/ 198lbs. Also did 3x1 with 120kg/265lbs

Good mornings: 6x45kg/99lbs ,1x5 with 50kg/110lbs and 2x5 with 55kg/121lbs
Hack Squat: 5x100kg/220lbs, 5x110kg/243lbs, 5x120kg/265lbs and 3x130kg/287lbs

3x3 Box jumps onto a 24" box
3x3 seated box jumps onto a 24" box

Not much to report, got in and did the work and then left.
The main lifts felt smooth but the MR sets were nothing special. The singles at 120kg/265lbs felt very very good, to the point I wanted to try and go for 5-10 reps and the 140kg/309lbs deadlift came up fast too.

Cannot weight for Monday to get more work done


So many work sets :sweat_smile:

Actually I might be wrong, I thought you did six sets of good mornings but I see it’s 6 reps.

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Yeah 6 reps, 4 total sets.

Keep up the good work Hustling

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Full Body Day
Squats: 5x10 with 92.5kg/ 204lbs
Deadlifts: 5x10 with 102.5kg/ 226lbs
Bench: 5x10 with 52.5kg/ 116lbss, 1x1 with 70kg/154lbs and 1x1 with 75kg/165lbs
Rows: 5x10 with 55kg/ 121lbs
CGBP: 1x5 with 55kg/ 121lbs and 60kg/132lbs x3,3
Weighted Chin ups: 3x4 with 10kg/22lbs weight
DB shoulder press: 3x10 with 15kg/33lbs
3x Heavy Prowler marches

Not a bad workout. Everything felt good. Think I’m seeing a technical improvement with my deadlifts because every first 3/4 reps in a set is feeling much more explosive than usual.

On a non gym level… Life has just hit me hard over the weekend.

  1. My dad who is abroad is unwell and due to travel restrictions atm, financial constraints etc I am not able to see him (It’s nothing too serious but if it was I would still be screwed)
  2. My Landlord is having financial issues and is looking to sell the property which he can’t do with me inside it and he cannot kick me out, he can however raise the rent drastically ( nearly 3/4s more) and " let me leave the tenancy if I cannot afford it"… So I will be moving back in with my mother next month which makes me feel like I’ve failed as a man
  3. 2 of my clients who have paid for December have asked for a refund as they are leaving the gym due to the other PTs behaviour (he has been contacting everyone who’s details he has found on the work system trying to sell fatburners with his affiliate code). Add this to his previous behaviour and client wise I am somewhat struggling to pick up new ones.
  4. Rent at work is rising and if i don’t get more clients then I will be losing money so financially I am worried.
  5. Finally a instructor at the gym is off due to a family death so I picked up extra shifts tonight and tomorrow night which means more pay (which I need) but also no MMA which is bringing the eating disorder I have to mind and making me worry I am going to get fat and need to reduce kcals immediately.

By no means am I going to feel sorry for myself about my issues. I am alive, I have a fantastic mother and GF and I have drive. I will make the most out of the 2 extra shifts to find new client leads, I am also looking at other gyms because managements inability to punish the other PT for contacting members who have not given him their details along with him being scummy has pissed me off. At least I have the gym to help me cope




That sucks man but it sounds like you know it’s sucks but you can fix it, just need some good old fashioned time.

At least you’re killing it In The gym!

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+1 to the previous post.
Great work and consistency, unfortunately life tends to hit us hard when we’re already down, just gotta get back up and keep the struggle on.
Best luck.

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