HustlingHat93's Road to 123lb and Weak to Strong

Yesterdays Cardio/conditioning workout

4 minute skipping as a warm up

5x Prowler sprints for time where I ran the distance of the room 4 times in a row. Twice with 25kg/55lbs on one prowler and then once with 75kg/ 165lbs on the 2nd prowler followed by a normal sprint.
Time: 30secs, 31 secs, 29 secs, 31 secs, 31 secs

50 Burpees for time ( got 3 minutes 27)

2x double laps with 25kg/ 55lbs prowler and 2 normal sprint laps for time : 20 seconds and 21 seconds)

3 rounds of 30 seconds on/ 30 off on the ski erg


Upper Body Plyo Accumulation Day

6x3 Plyo push ups onto 1.75 Reebok steps
3x3 Depth push ups from 1.75 Reebok steps
6x3 ball throws lying on a bench with 12kg/26lbs
6x3 Medicine balls slams with 12kg/26lbs
3x3 Scoop throws with 12kg/26lbs
3x3 overhead behind throw 12kg/26lbs
3x4 plyo pull ups

5x Rows
Decline Bench: 40kg/88lbs x10, 50kg/110lbs x8, 60kg/132lbsx5, 65kg/143lbs x3 and 55kg/121lbs x8
4x Sled pull rows


OK skipping MMA tonight to not risk my infection getting worse so did a light cardio session

2 mile run
50 kettlebell swings
5 rounds of EMOM 10 KB swings, 5 burpees and 5 box jumps

Also physique update ( lighting should get 80% credit!! )


:astonished: :muscle:

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Deadlift: 160kg/353lbs x1-2
Bench: 77.5kg/ 171lbs x2
Squat: 135kg/ 298lbs x1
Incline Bench: 62.5kg/ 138lbs x 1-2

OK this is it. “Peak Week” where I find a realistic 1rm before the deload and change of program.

With Deadlifts and Bench depending on how the above weight feels I might just add weight to find a 1 rep max

With squat I am not too confident I can get a single at 135kg/198lbs but even if I miss the rep I got 130kg/287lbs this week so I have an idea 1rm.

Rested completely today. Will doze up on coffee pre workout tomorrow and attack Deadlift day!!


OK ok today was a bloody disaster for deadlifts and I changed the plan for the week mid workout due to being told that the gym is shutting early tonight and shut for a few days due to refurb works being done…They told us NOW with no damn pre-warning or signage at the gym.

1s Wave Realisation Session

Deadlift: 160kg/353lbs x0 Did not even budge. I hit 150kg/331lbs for a warm up and that was the heaviest I got today… So will use that as my 1rm for next program (EVEN IF 3 WEEKS AGO I HIT A TRIPLE WITH 152.5kg/336lbs)

Deficit Deadlifts

5x 100kg/ 220lb
3x115kg/ 253lbs

Safety Squat Bar Squats
75kg/165lbs x3
115kg/ 253lbs x1
120kg/ 265lbs x1 ( will use this as my 1rm for this lift)
2x2 with 100kg/220lbs

And this is when I changed the plan for this week, I know I’m not getting the squat and I know I hit 130kg/287lbs so I am fine using that as my 1rm going forward so I decided to do my Bench and Incline today considering I won’t have access for a few days.

Bench: The warm ups + 77.5kg/ 171lbs x1
Incline: The warm ups + 62.5kg/ 138lbs x1


  • Very disappointed with this 1s cycle attempt and last 16ish weeks to be honest. Did not expect to not even get a rep on the deadlift.
  • No idea if it is bad programming, bad luck with constantly being ill during these cycles and not having a real (non sickness induced) deload, the antibiotics or the fact I am in a deficit.
  • 0.6kg/1.3lbs weight loss this week totalling to 1.6kg/3.5lbs in the last 2.

Will try to either get back to the gym today and do some accessory upper work or tomorrow along with conditioning.

Plan after that is be off Tuesday, do my my plyo days Wednesday and Thursday and then rest Friday, Saturday and Sunday and start the new program Monday


Skipping conditioning this week because using this week as a semi deload with today and 2 light plyo days.

Went back before the gym shut and did the following:

Sumo dead: Worked up to 140kg/309lbs

Pause bench: 55kg/121lbs x5, 65kg/143 lbs x3, 70kg/154lbsx1
Close Grip Bench: 60kg/132lbs x5, 70kg/154lbs x1

That is all. I know the layout of the next programme I will be running just need to pick a smart starting weight for all the lifts that is not too light nor too heavy and workable/ controlled progression plan.

Will update the log before next Monday with new program for everyone to chime in and pick apart


Probably a combination of these. But it also sounds like you’re very stressed by this. Take a deep breath. Relax. You’ll get there.

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Upper Body Plyo Realisation/ Deload Day

4x3 Plyo push ups onto 20" boxes
3x2 Depth push ups from 20" boxes
4x3 ball throws lying on a bench with 15kg/33lbs
4x3 Medicine balls slams with 15kg/33lbs
3x2 Scoop throws with 15kg/33lbs
3x2 overhead behind throw 15kg/33lbs
3x3 plyo pull ups

Decline Bench: 40kg/88lbs x10, 50kg/110lbs x8, 60kg/132lbsx5, 65kg/143lbs x3 and 55kg/121lbs x6


  • Not much to report on just did the main work, a few bench sets and left. Nothing too stressful
    -Still putting final touches to next program (Ego is slowing down the process)
  • Definitely think my body needs a change of pace and needs/ needed this week to be a deload with no MMA and no conditioning. The more days I spend resting the more niggles and pain show up and then leave.

Lower Body Plyo Realisation/ Deload Day

4x3 Hex bar deadlift jumps with 80kg/176lbs
6x1 Box jumps on a 28"ish box ( focusing on landing + jumping from a distance)
4x2 depth drops off a 33" box
3x2 Depth drops of the 30" box and onto another 24" box for 2nd jump
4x Prowler push

Also messed around with Front squats (hand placement says no! so not doing these) Hack squats, SSB back lunges and hip thrusts just to see if I can add them into the new program.


  • Nothing special just tying up the last workout off this weird deload period.
  • Have the new program written up and will post it here later once I just switch out Front squats for hack squats.
  • Need to improve upper mobility and learn hot to front squat. The attempts today felt like my clavicle was getting crushed.

Ok so the new program starting Monday is below (apologies if it’s a long read)

Goal: Build muscle, practice the main movements (me saying this in @anna_5588 's log reminded me I need to do it too!) and more importantly build the required muscles to develop power and speed.

Basic recap: 1 Full body, 2 Lower + 2 Upper. Basically GVT based split into 3- 5x10 sessions instead of one 10x10 on main compounds. Will hit Arms and Abs on “Booster sessions” at the gym I work instead of during these sessions as I have a habit of neglecting them.

Monday (Full body)
5x10 Squats
5x10 Deadlifts
5x10 Bench
5x10 Rows
3x Weighted Chin ups
3x10 DB shoulder press
3x Heavy Prowler marches

Tuesday= Rest (apart 10 sets of hamstring work at the Gym I work at) due to 3am start

Wednesday (Upper Body)
5x10 Incline Bench (MR on last set)
5x10 Rows
5x10 DB Shoulder press
5x10-12 Lat pull down
4x10-12 DB bench
4x10-12 Low Cable Row

Will do Arms + throws at work in the evening

5x10 SSB Squats (MR on last set)
5x10 Sumo Deads (MR on last set)
4x SSB Alternating Lunges
3x RDL
3x Hip Thrust
5-6 Sprints

Will do a few jumps and Ab work at work in the evening

5x10 Bench (MR on last set)
5x10 Rows
5x10 DB Shoulder press
5x Pullups (weighted)
4x10-12 Inc DB bench
4x10-12 Row Variation

5x10 Squats (MR on last set)
5x10 Deads (MR on last set)
4x Good Mornings
4x Hack Squats
3x Hamstring machine
6x3 Jump variation

Sunday= Rest

Will be at the MMA gym Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday evenings


holy crap that’s a LOT of work for 1 day

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You read my mind!

Actually, it looks like a lot of work every day.

@hustlinghat93 - you’re not cutting during this, are you?

Good googly moogly man. You better be prepared to eat like your life depended on it with that workout!!

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looks like a good time to me



That’s your warm-up, isn’t it? Haha.



This is the plan. Add the MMA sessions which is about 8/9 hours a week and I am 100% going to eat to fuel it all.

But in all honesty @anna_5588 @SvenG @wanna_be I feel like this is LESS work than the program I just hit. More reps but at less intensity…


That’s what I figured, so I’m glad it was a stupid question.

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Week lost over the last week: 0.54kg/1.2lbs

Which I find very very interesting considering I did no conditioning, no MMA and only 3 workout (2 of which were low intensity Plyo) and this being the 3rd week of a deficit means it is unlikely it is water weight.

Upping Kcals back to 3000kcals for this week, going to see how my weight reacts and then go from there with adding more. I won’t reduce Kcals if I ‘baloon up’ this week considering most of the 700kcals added are carbs


Full Body Day
Squats: 5x10 with 80kg/ 176lbs
Deadlifts: 5x10 with 90kg/ 198lbs
Bench: 5x10 with 47.5kg/ 105lbs (holy shit chest pump made this painful)
Rows: 5x10 with 40kg/ 88lbs (these felt too light)
CGBP: 3x5 with 40kg/ 88lbs
Weighted Chin ups: 3x4 with 5kg/11lbs weight
DB shoulder press: 3x10 with 10kg/22lbs
3x Heavy Prowler marches


Ok I underestimated the volume and amount of work required today. While running Juggernaut the 10s waves was my least favourite and week 1 was the only week I hated… Today is basically week 1 but for all lifts :man_facepalming:t3:

I used roughly 60% of 1rm to start out and will add weight weekly (maybe not bench, I will do 5x12 the next week and then add weight). I thought the weight was too light but for today I’m happy I started so light.