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HustlingHat93's Road to 123lb and Weak to Strong

Squat 3 waves Intensification Week

Squat: The warm up sets + 4x3 + 1x5 with 117.5kg /259lbs

Pause squats: 3x4 with 5 seconds pause with 85kg/187 lbs
(10x Bent over Rows + 3x low cable row supersetted with the above)

Sumo : 3x107.5kg/237lbs , 3x122.5kg/270lbs, 3x137.5kg/303lbs


  • Actually surprised I got the 5 reps (and had some in the tank) all the sets of 3 felt hard AF. So did the MR set until I started to take advantage of the stretch reflex and did not overly control the descent of the lift.
  • Feels good being a hair away from hitting 3 plates on Sumo for reps
  • Hopefully incline Bench tomorrow goes well to cap of a good week on the main lifts

Incline Bench (instead of Military Press) 3 waves Intensification week

Incline Bench: Warm up sets and 4x3 + 1x5 with 52.5kg/116bs (Super setted with kettlebell rows)
I also did 4x6 with 40kg/88lbs
5x Weighted pull ups
4x DB Bench Press
3x Shoulder DB press


  • Happy with the 5 reps.
  • Still have slight shoulder niggle which does NOT get worse at the gym but still a concern
  • Been very tired/ unmotivated in the last few days. Unsure if it’s life stresses or lack of quality sleep or w.e

Lower Body Plyo Accumulation Day

6x3 Hex bar deadlift jumps with 70kg/154lbs
6x3 Box jumps on a 26ih box ( focusing on landing + jumping from a distance)
6x3 depth drops + jump off a 30" box
3x3 Depth drops of the 24" box and onto another 24" box for 2nd jump
3x3 Bulgarian Jump Squat
4x Prowler push
10x explosive kicks on the bag each leg


Nothing really to comment on just trucking away.
Feel like crap and I might be coming down with something (My mother had a flu, my girlfriend now has a flu so odds are the fatigue i’ve been feeling is a cold or flu)

I’m already thinking ahead to the next cycle and identified things I need to work on and changes I think I need to add.


Upper Body Plyo Accumulation Day

6x3 Plyo push ups onto 1.75 Reebok steps
3x3 Depth push ups from 1.75 Reebok steps
6x3 ball throws lying on a bench with 12kg/26lbs
6x3 Medicine balls slams with 12kg/26lbs
3x3 Scoop throws with 12kg/26lbs
3x3 overhead behind throw 12kg/26lbs
3x4 plyo pull ups

5x Rows
Bench: 3x8 (with a tempo of 4:4) with 45kg/ 99lbs
Decline Bench: 40kg/88lbs x8, 45kg/ 99lbs x8 and 50kg/110lbs x8
4x Sled pull rows


  • Just a standard Plyo day. I’m holding off increasing weight on throws because medicine balls do not get much heavier at my gym and also because the better I get at these the more force I can generate via increased speed so still making progression with same weight
  • Changed the Incline DB and DB pressing for tempo bench press and decline benching
  • Will think about goals for next week and update before Sunday.

I also have a question I’m thinking of adding a Singles phase to the programme so it is 10,8,5,3,1. I know each phase increases 5% in the same week so accumulation week is 5% higher for the next wave so the programming wise is practically done. But part of me is unsure and thinking that if that was a good idea the actual Juggernaut programme would have this. Any thoughts?



Deadlift: 152.5kg/336lbs x4-5
Bench: 72.5kg/160lbs x5
Squat: 127.5kg /281lbs x4
Incline Bench: 55kg/121bs x5

Ok somewhat intimated by the squat number just because of what happened last MR day with the exact same weight. Will honestly be happy with a triple but aiming for hitting atleast an extra rep.

Pumped for deadlifts tomorrow!!!



So I decided to also do my Squat MR set today for two reasons.
The SSB bar was occupied and secondly I actually feel sick (cold coming on) so unsure if I would be near 100% Tuesday

Deadlifts: The prescribed warm ups + 1x3 with 152.5kg/336lbs :triumph:

Deficit Deadlifts

5x 102.5kg/ 226lb
3x115kg/ 253lbs

Squat: The warm up sets + 1x3 with 127.5kg /281lbs

10x Rows


  • Disappointed and mad about not managing an extra rep on the Deadlifts, lost tightness and position on the decent and felt like the 4th rep would have been bad technique.
  • Somewhat disappointed with only getting 3 reps for squats but also glad I did not miss any reps and also managed 1 rep more than 4 weeks (after deadlifting)
  • Decided 100% going to do a singles phase just to actually get a realistic max for the lifts as I feel my lower body ones at the moment are not accurate

OK no gym today, going to let my body heal and get extra sleep.
I’ve done both my squat and deadlift MR set so I am thinking of doing Bench and Incline on the same day probably Wednesday then resting until Sunday and starting the next cycle without taking a deload (consider this 2 workout week a semi deload)



So still Ill but considering I had to open at work at 5am I decided to get this done as soon I finished. Chugged a Monster and powered through

Bench: The warm up sets and 72.5kg/160lbs x5 (FUCK YES!!) + 1x1 with 77.5kg/171lbs

Incline Bench: The warm up sets and 55kg/121bs x6 (Nothing impressive but so happy with this)

That is all


  • Very short workout did my MR sets and left because that’s all that mattered. Any extra work would just be fatigue setting my sick body back.
  • Very happy with the 2 lifts and managing to get 2 and 3 reps extra

I am already planning my next cycle and unsure what I am going to do ( a full write up of this cycle will be done later today or sometimes this week). I love this program, feel like I’m making it my own and I have no doubts it works BUT I need a change soon just because my lower body lifts working Max are not accurate at all and mentally I can’t redo the program straight away using a lower working max. But I have a few ideas on what I can run in between now and the next Juggernaut cycle.


Summary of Second cycle

Weight at start: 130/131lb
Weight as of this week: 136lb
Weight gain: 5/6 lbs in 13 ish weeks

Deadlift working max: 157.5kg/347lbs lbs increased to 170kg/375lbs
Bench working max: 77.5kg/ 171lbs increased to 82.5kg/ 182lbs
Squat working max: 142.5kg/314lbs stayed at142.5kg/314lbs
Incline working max: 60kg/ 132lbs increased to 65kg/ 143lbs

I’m going to use the numbers in bold as my working max for the next 3 week wave of singles. That will have my hitting 95% on week 3 for MR sets. Weirdly 95% of my working max for the squat and Deadlift is what my estimated 1rm is based on reps hit this week and actually what I feel like would be more accurate.

Good of running the programme

  • Some Progress has been made strength wise. I feel like the working max on lower body is not realistic (was not at start of cycle) but feel like I have defo got stronger

Currently sitting at 136ish lbs so weight gain is on track for the above.

Bad of running the programme

  • I messed up my training maxes which most likely caused me to stall
  • Squats training max did not improve. Missed reps on 5 wave so improvements made in 10 and 8s waves were wiped away.
  • I don’t think I have managed a full week of MMA and training without missing a day (due to illness and covid vaccine)


Weight at start: 123lb
Weight as of this week: 136
Weight gain: 13lbs in 25/26 ish weeks

Deadlift working max: 130kg/287 lbs increased to 170kg/375lbs
Bench working max: 70kg/154lbs increased to 82.5kg/ 182lbs
Squat working max: 110kg/242lbs increased to 142.5kg/314lbs
Incline working max: 50kg/110lbs increased to 65kg/ 143lbs

Will try to post updated physique pics sometime this week.


Love the strong gains…keep it going

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I love when, checking a log for first time in a while, i check it on the day of a good summary post. And a big milestone.
Great lifts. You’re squatting my goal! At a bodyweight I’ll never be!

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@bigpappafrance Thanks my dude

Thanks my dude but in all honesty I have no doubts if I get under 3 plates I’m getting buried. The training max in my opinion is unrealistic but we will see in 3 weeks how many reps I manage at 95% if it!


Recent body pics taken.

Feel like I’ve put on alot of fat round the mid section and contemplating doing a short 3 week cut to trim some fat and then continue on gaining.
Any thoughts??


We have different standards for midsections I suppose.
But may I suggest not doing a “3 week cut” but rather during the next 3 weeks, do what you would have done, plus a few extra long walks or 20min “iron cardio” sessions (complexes, burpees, whatever), and clean up your food intake by a few percentage points, but nothing radical.
So as not to break your gaining spree.

Just my 2 cents.

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To be honest that’s exactly what I call a cut. Going to all MMA sessions and adding a “conditioning day” which is basically hitting the boxing bag, while dropping Kcals by 300-500 from now for the 3 weeks.

I also suffer from a form of body dysmorphia which is why i created this and decided to post pics just to make sure its not my mind making me think I’m fat​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I really am in 2 minds because to me it looks like the 13lbs I’ve gained have gone all to my stomach but in the other end I’m sub 140 so hardly fat.

Appreciate your 2c bro


I have the same issue, but mine is more related to small man syndrome and always think I look small and fat.

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It’s weird and annonying knowing you have the issue but still seeing it and believing it.

Deadlift: 135kg/298lbs x5-6
Bench: 65kg/143lbs x5-6
Squat: 115kg /254lbs x4-5
Incline Bench: 52.5kg/116bs x5-6

Reducing Kcals from tomorrow until the 7th (so 3-4 weeks) from 3000 down to 2300. Hopefully doing this during the 1s wave does not lead to strength loss and actually lets me either maintain or get slightly stronger.



Deadlifts: 6x1 + 1x5 with 135kg/298lbs

Deficit Deadlifts (supersetted with seated cable rows)

2x5 with 102.5kg/ 226lb
5x115kg/ 253lbs

Safety Squat Bar Squats
75kg/165lbs x3
95kg/209lbs x2
105kg/231lbs x1
110kg/ 242lbs x1
115kg/ 253lbs x1

3x Good mornings (SSB)
3x Heavy RDL
10x Rows (done as a superset with the squats and good mornings)
3x Back extensions with 20kg/44lbs kettlebells and rows at the top

“Cardio”/ Conditioning work (15 Minute total including rest between sprints and setting up)

  • 10 Burpees/ 10 KB swings all the way down to 5 Burpees/5 Swings and then 10/10 (instead of 4,3,2,1)
  • 6 Prowler sprints at light/ moderate resistance


  • Today felt good. Deadlifts felt smooth and the singles were moving up nice and fast
  • Cardio/ conditioning was fun, short and quite intense.
  • Helping my GF pack stuff and bringing it to my place as she is temporarily staying with me from Tuesday onwards so a bit more expenditure to start this mini cut.

Bench 1s Wave Accumulation week

Bench Press: 6x1 and 1x7 with 65kg/143lbs (suppersetted with bent over kettlebell rows)

Close grip bench: 5x 50kg/110lbs, 5x 55kg/121 and 5x 60kg/132lbs

5x Weighted pull ups
4x6 Incline DB Press supersetted with seated low cable pulls
3x seated shoulder press

Nothing much to report. Benching felt smooth.
Unsure if it’s the deficit or the fact I was ill last week and missed training but I am hella sore from yesterday.