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Hushmail Not Safe Anymore?


Hey fellas, it would appear that hushmail is compromised and should probably not be trusted. Check out this affidavit:



just click on the link....


Hushmail has never been as "safe" as people thought it was. The government has unlimited resources, and the location of Hushmail servers makes the service within reach of local and international law.


Question RaiderUM do you know every email service is compromised? The Fed's can write up an affidavit for anyone on just probable cause. Read Legal Muscle it gets into a lot of the legal issues with AAS!


That indictment is really funny:

10 years to life imprisonment
$250,000 fine
$100 penalty assessment

Does the $100 even matter at that point?


umm I didn't know that. If a source gets busted then we are at risk? All they have to do is write up an affidavit, get it approved and they'll have all our info? Then there coming after us?


First they have to have probable cause. Then they have to submit it to a judge or magistrate for approval if it is relevant to the case. That means they only have 30days after it is approved to look through your email for the subject in question and if that's not enough they can ask for an extension. Don't worry so much unless you go around admitting your guilt. They typically don't look for the end user. You know they want the big fish if they can get it.


LOL yeah, was thinking that.

I still feel hella sorry for the guy.


As I live in Canada, I don't exactly know the answer to your question, but my assumption is that they won't waste time on customers, since there are so many of them. They just want to take out the big fish. Speaking of which, now that the market has downsized, how bad is inflation in the states right now regarding AAS?


Hushmail is compromised.

I read the entire thing and it said they collected data on 88 orders that that guy filled, as well as collected how those people paid him.

I would venture to say that they will go after the end user as they have all the info they need since they have the transaction recorded as well as the payment information on file through Green Dot.

To those of you in Canada, they got 9CD's containing information on emails from the Hushmail office in Canada through a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (aka Hushmail is in the governments pocket to keep their asses out of the fire).

I remember this guy from other boards, it sucks but his operations were getting huge (paying for a $420,000 house without having had a job in the last 14 months), so I guess it was to be expected.

My advice would be to steer clear of Green Dot and Hushmail and who knows what else. Also sucks that the DEA has the name and address of the powder supplier as well as all the other companies that supplied stuff to him.

Oh btw 1,000!!!! Haha damn am I now an internet nerd?


I as being IT guy. I can safely tell you ..don't trust any electronic communications. They are all prone to spying, interception, or cracking. Even the encrypted ones. All it takes is time.

my $0.02



Facing a court subpoena, nothing is above the law.


Wait you for, or in general?


Just a thought...its not so much that hushmail can be compromised, its the person in possession of the hushmail account.

If the feds bust a guy, they can get a subpoena for access to pretty much anything related to the illegal acts that went on - so of course they would raid his email and get all the info from the orders that were placed.

I'd just recommend using aliases and 'safe' addresses whenever possible.

just my .02



It was a general comment pointing out a legal fact. No matter how "safe" we think something is, so long as it's a legitimate business, it is no longer confidential with a warrant.