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Hushmail Alternative?


I don't want to use hushmail again after the whole bust thing. To be honest I'd rather just use my gmail account, as I'm sure it wouldn't make a difference anyways, but I know it will piss people off. Anyone know of any hushmail alternatives?




You could use an overseas host from a country not likely to grant US federal agencies access to their servers.


PGP? I always use this for secure emails.

Having said that I don't have to email my sources and have never had to so not sure if it's a viable option.



You can anonymously receive e-mail, but not send it. It may be good for something, so I'm throwing it out there.


Thanks guys. I'm going to go with safe-mail.


Cyber-rights.net also if you don't want to use hush cyber and hush are the two most common I believe.