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Husband and Wife on V-Diet


My wife and I have both decided to do the Velocity Diet (especially after reading so many success stories here). We started today and plan on keeping a mini-journal here to let folks know how it goes for us and to help us to stay faithful (to the diet, that is).

We are both in good shape but just want to lose those annoying pounds that seem to creep up on you over the years. I lift 5 days out of 6 and walk for cardio. My wife lifts 3 days per week and runs 5-6 days per week. She is just beginning to train for a marathon (the Athens marathon in Greece!!) and will probably need more carbs than what the v-diet allows as her mileage increases (she'll adjust this if needed).

Here are our stats. Hopefully we will have pictures of our progress, also.

Stats: Husband (koots)
187 lbs.
waist: 35"

Calorie goal: (from Shugart's formula)
1700 gym days
1400 non-gym days

Nutrient breakdown per day:
220-240g protein, 20g fat, 16g fiber, 50g carb (work-out days only)

Metabolic Drive & EAS protein blend (whey/caesin/soy)
Cold-milled ground flaxseed
Gatorade (post-workout carbs)
Organic peanut butter

BCAA, HOT-ROX, Multi-vitamin, Tribulus, CLA, Green tea

Stats: wife (easmith)

Calorie goal:
1350 gym/running days
1150 non-workout days

Nutrient breakdown:
140-180g protein, 20g fat, 16g fiber, 50-100g carb (workout days only)

Green tea, multi-vitamin

(NOTE: I did not include fish-oil capsules in the plan for either of us. There are plenty of Omega-3's in the flax and the calories are right on target without the fish oil.)


The V-Diet is a bad idea. Especially for couples.

I say this out of experience.


Day 1 Photos...


side shot - relaxed


after 1 hour on the v-diet

(just kidding, side shot, flexed abs)


back double bicep


Care to elaborate about your experience?

My wife and I happen to be in different countries right now, so at least we won't be able to take out our hunger frustrations on eachother...


I think th V-Diet is the absolute worst fat loss program anyone in their right mind could ever be on. The carb depletion alone is brutal enough.

Add on top of that the ommission of real food, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Two people in the same house on the v-diet is just a horrible idea.

All I can say is that it is not the diet certain people on this site make it out to be.


End of Day 1: I'm not feeling as hungry as I thought I would. Whenever I would begin to feel hungry during the day it would be time for another shake.

The shakes are not terribly satisfying or filling, but they take away the hunger. The peanut butter in the last shake of the day was a nice touch. It will give me something to look forward to during the day. I am feeling confident that this will be do-able. I am hoping for a big change that will be sustainable on real food. I can suffer for a few weeks for that.


Good luck, of course, but as I understand it, solid food should burn up more calories than the shakes. John Berardi has his Get Shredded Diet using real food, and Chad Waterbury, in his book, gives a 1-month plan using real food and he says not to use protein powders except after workouts.

In general, unless you are a champion lifter/athlete and very sensitive to your nutrients, I think a calorie is pretty much just a calorie, so ingesting whatever amount of calories you need to reach your goal from a balanced diet, and with sufficient protein, should work.

Diets are stressful anyway, so why make it more painful?


       Hey Koots, what's up?

I have to say that I tend to agree with Rain and the guys, but it's your choice and sounds like you're on your way. Fuck it, do it for a while, but I really don't like not getting any nutrients from real food.

    Having said that, it may be ESPECIALLY hard on your wife if she's training for a marathon....wow..

    Anyway, to each his own, your structure looks similar to mine in body fat and looks like a solid starting platform. I have a question, how many carbs are you taking in on non-training days?

        I think you will live and learn from it and certainly won't "keel over", so give it a shot but I'd "ditch the ship" if you start feeling like shit, or lose muscle, etc.

    Then you can ride the Anabolic train brotha.

         best of luck to you and the wife though. 


Koots, seriously, if your wife is training for a marathon, she doesn't need the V-Diet to lose the pounds. The distance running will take care of that for her.

I will never try the V-Diet. I love Biotest's protein powder, but it's just too brutal if pretty much the only food you're consuming in that diet is from shakes.

This week I will try the suggestions outlined in Barr's Frontline Fat Loss article at http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1628994. I have never dieted down before and I just know that one day with almost no carbs per week will suck, but at least I'll be able to eat real food. Have you thought about trying that?

I do realize that there are success stories and such, but think about this: this site has thousands of members and only 50 or so has done that diet. Maybe half of everybody else doesn't need or want to diet, and the other half would rather lose their fat in a more realistic way, you know?

But that's just my opinion and perspective. If you're still going for it, then good luck. :slightly_smiling:


awww, was someone not tough enough to be a lil hungry for 28 days.


I prefer the Get Shredded diet. I did get shredded when I did it. It was damn hard too. But I think there's something to be said for eating solid food. You can at least sit down at the table for a meal with family and friends, even if you're not eating what they are. On the other hand, people have had great results with the V-Diet.


I agree its a very extreme diet but one many have had success with. May not be the best choice for your wife training for a marathon Thats way to much running activity etc IMO for the low cals and carbs of the V-diet.

On the couple being bad thing. hell sure could be bad for some but could be an aid for others youd have support someone going through the Hell with you LOL

Best of luck



I'm not sure where all this negativity is coming from... my impression is that many people have tried this. Some liked it, some didn't, some in between.

I don't see what the big deal is. We're talking about 28 days out of a life time. It's not like he's experimenting with unprotected sex with crack whores. He's gonna do a diet where he drinks protein shakes...

I've done it a couple times and had great results. Yeah it's tough. After a couple weeks though, the idea of eating seemed kind of gross. Weird what happens in your head when you do extreme things.

I say try it, learn from it, move on. If you liked it, go back to it on occassion if you want to. I wouldn't suggest living the rest of you life this way, but you weren't suggesting that were you... no I didn't think so.


Thanks for all the input, everyone. I agree that a calorie is a calorie and there are many ways to drop some pounds. The thing I like about the v-diet -- the reason I'm doing it -- is it is simple. Damn easy.

I have been trying to lose the tire around the middle eating clean with "real food" for several months and just keep losing and gaining the same three pounds or so. I have taken that to mean I have figured out how to maintain my weight. I guess I'm not too skilled at keeping track of calories.

That's where the v-diet makes it easy. I can keep track of how many scoops of protein I have had in a day (little post-it note with tick marks). Therefore, I can be successful with this diet.

As for my wife and her running: she is just starting her training for the marathon so her miles are actually rather low at this point. She will not be following the diet as strictly, having more carbs on running days and likely more than the one "allowed" solid meal per week. When I told her about what I was planning on doing she said she wanted to do it, too. And she will, man, let me tell you. When she decides to do something she sees it through to completion. She is one strong woman! I'm sure she will post her about her experience, too.

Thanks again for the feedback and suggestions, I appreciate it. I think this is gonna be tough but it will be easier knowing folks are paying attention!


Thanks, primelaw, I'll check those resources out for next time!


Wuz up, Tone? Carbs on non-training days = very few. Around 30. I train 5 out of 6 days, though, so that won't happen often. I'm getting about 80g carbs on training days, which is still not many...


Thanks, Phill. In our case, I think my wife and I will be a good encouragement to eachother to keep going.

My wife is like a rock -- when she decides to do something she is gonna do it. She swam for 4 years in college through chronic injury and sickness. She decided last year that she was going to run a marathon (when she had not even been jogging for more than a year!), and sure enough, she ran a marathon in New Hampshire 4 months later! 28 days on a diet?? No problem!