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Hurting Yourself On Purpose


Lately, there has been a tremendous volume of injury prevention and recovery articles from the T-Nation staff. Combined with the amount of injury posts that arise on a daily basis, one would come to the conclusion that squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, and overhead presses are inherently bad for your body and are more hurtful then helpful.

Granted the gains from bodybuilding(looking big) are good, but in your opinion, is bodybuilding worth it knowing you are just hurting your body for the rest of your life?




Anytime you're pushing your body, there is a risk of injury. I guess it all depends how driven you are.


In my opinion, lifting with poor technique and form is the reason the majority of bodybuilders and powerlifters get hurt. You dont see many of the more expirienced people with injuries. Mainly its people who haven't a clue about technique and form who are just trying to lift heavy weights like the pros.



Wow... just... wow...

B/c we all know athletes and bodybuilders are doing SO much damage to their bodies. Obviously, the 400lbs+ guys walking on the treadmill day after day has the right idea about how to treat a body well.

Are you mentally ill?


You realy should read Ian King's book, Get Buffed I-III, Foundations of Physical prep. and how to write strength training programs.

Also view his Injury Preventation and Rehabilitation video series!


Tube Steak Boogie


Guess we should all just sit on the couch and stuff big mac's in our mouths and become fat fucks.

People get hurt training due to improper technique or by not listening to thier bodies, sometimes you just need to take a few days off. Hell if your worried about getting hurt then dont lift anything heavier then your bag of Mcdick's fatting grease.


Thanks, SWR. My head was about to explode from holding back.

The "Hi, I'm an idiot..." approach ( http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1021669 ) might have been a wise move for him in this instance...


Lifting with proper form while taking proper precautions need not result in injury. It should in fact do the opposite - preventing injury by strengthening muscles and bones, improving cardiovascular function, and staving off obesity.

Nonetheless, we do get injured from time to time. I've hurt myself in the gym on more than one occasion. On the other hand I've also hurt myself playing sports, working in the yard, and sitting in a computer chair. Most things we as humans consider worth doing involve some risk, whether financial, physical, or emotional, and it's up to each of us to decide which risks are worth which rewards.

Is lifting weights worth it to me? Absolutely. Is it worth it to you? Maybe not. That's on you, brother.


Realy? The conclusion that I come to is that there are more and better ways of doing these.
I would have to say that your conclusion is faulty.

Not a valid question, because it was raised as a result of a faulty conclusion.

Granted, there is a risk involved in moving heavy weight, but it doesn't allways result in injury, and even when it does, it is not allways a life long injury.


this is the conclusion one would come to if one was a complete dumbass...

now if one had typed 'lifting with bad form is inherently bad for your body and more hurtful then helpful', then one may seem less stupid...too bad one didn't type that instead :(...

again, if one had typed 'is bodybuilding with poor form worth it knowing you are just hurting your body for the rest of your life?'...one may seem even somewhat intelligent if one had typed that message instead, but one didn't...

in conclusion, we can all safely assume that one has shit for brains...



I have been training Twenty + years and never ever have had one freaking injury from training.

And I would veture to geuss I'm not the only one.

Injuries are either:

Inproper Warm up or Form
Dumb Assedness
Freak Mishap
Dumb Luck
Caused by someone else etc.

In and of its self not something to worry about.


Tonight I met a guy at the gym who is 52. He was in the weight room busting his ass. He's in far better shape than 90% of the people who are 20... TWENTY... years younger than him.

I better tell him to stop now.


hmmmm. BTW, I workout and lift heavy. But I can't help fail to notice the constant injuries that occur(even with good form) on a constant basis.

Have you been injured because of weight lifting? Have you had a serious injury(knee/shoulder/back is considered serious)?

From my perspective G-D did not intend for you to lift 500 lbs 10 inches while lying on your back. Nor did he intend to curl a weight in 5 different positions 100 times a week for the rest of your life. I dont think your body is designed to do what you ask of it. Granted, the results are good, but at what cost.


Yes, I hurt myself on purpose, I'm a masochist because I go to the gym.

Sue me.


Soooo...tell us, O Brilliant and Wise One-- what is your alternative? I wait patiently for your answer.

[/sarcasm] WTF does God have to do with any of this? And who curls in five different positions?

I hope you were high when you wrote both of these posts, because otherwise it's pretty clear you've got a screw loose.


Thanks for totally ignoring everything everbody said.

Either your ignorant, and refuse to learn, or your just a troll. I'm leaning troll.

Who the hell curls 5 different ways 100 times a week?

And don't you think the big thing in the sky put us here to do whatever the hell we want? It's not as if people who do bad things have bad things happen to them. The world doesn't work on equivalent exchange, no matter how nice that sounds.

Lifting is healthy. If you injur yourself, your doing something wrong, or you had a brain fart, and dropped something (always a painful experience).

And no, I've never injured myself lifting. I have, however, injured myself while running for distance (nasty shin splints and a pulled hip). Since I've started dorsiflexions with DB's, I haven't gotten a single shin splint.

Most of the "injury" threads revovle around people having "brain farts" and making stupid mistakes. Like forgetting to rack a bar, forgetting to put a stopper on the plates, or just plain using way to much weight. Very few injuries are actually built up from constant and steady weight lifting. Their mostly "instant" type things.

Athletes who lift weight (IE: Oly and Power lifters) get injuries in meets. Athletic activity. Are you saying athletic activity is unhealthy?


Yes. Back before I knew about working the back and front. Did the stupid noob bench press program until my humerus popped out. Also did the "squat with no core stability until your spine buckles"
Thank God for Ian King, Dave Tate, and the articles they write.

From my perspective G-D did not intend for you to lift 500 lbs 10 inches while lying on your back.[/quote]

Then don't ask him to spot you when you try this.

Why would anybody do that many curls?
I didn't do that even when I was an idiot.

Everything has limits man. Most people methodicaly push them forward. Others like to fly head first off of a cliff.

Which one are you?


Do you read a lot? Just curious...