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Hurting Muscles

This may sound like a stupid question but it has been bothering me for a while. Do you think that when a certain muscle is hit or laid on for extended periods of time, it can inhibit growth? Appreciate any comments, cheers.

yes, its called overtraining and results in atrophy. Atrophy is when a muscle gets smaller or wastes away.

I think you missed the point. To paraphrase, you’re talking about either impact trauma or an extended pressure, right? Well, the extended pressure would tend to decrease blood flow, which I would imagine would inhibit growth. But you said “laid on”, so I’m thinking you’re talking about sleeping on a particular body part for, say, the whole night. Don’t really know, but I think the distributed bodyweight wouldn’t cause enough pressure to significantly inhibit blood flow. The trauma would cause the recovery to go into tissue repair first, then growth.

I’ve slept on my arms before so they’d go to sleep & I couldn’t move them in the morning, but it didn;t affect my training at all. I’ve also lifted with bruises as well, but I don;t think that had much of an effect either. It hurt more but it didn;t affect my recovery or anything.