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Hurt Wrist


Hey folks.
A couple Thursdays back I was doing some 5*5 cleans and I twisted my wrist lifting. Although the pain and soreness has subsided I am unable to do any pushing exercises because putting weight on my wrist hurts.
These two weeks I have stuck with lower body training but now I am starting to get bored. Is there any upper body exercises that I can perform with a twisted wrist or do I just wait until the wrist heals?

Thanks and Cheers



I sprained my wrist a couple weeks ago and cannot do pushing exercises like you, but I can do pulling. I can do any back exercise such as deads, pullups, rows. Try some pulling exercises. If not, maybe use this time to do some outdoor GPP work. Peace.


I'd be more worried about how you're going to "take care" of yourself.


If I'm correct in your mode of thinking. I don't know about the other dude, but mine was left hand injury and I'm right handed.. so I'm good. If not, I just got finished talking with this really hot chick and that's what was on my mind when I read your statement.


I call bullshit...you messed up your wrist from an all day whack-a-thon.

Only kidding, just couldn't resist that one...