Hurt Wrist From Clean and Press

i have always based my training in SQ/BP/DL but recently i’ve been interested in improving my overhead strength. i started doing hang clean and presses about 3 months ago.
a week ago i kind of “pulled” my left wrist while lowering the barbell. it still hurts quite a bit when i pull the bar.
i think that the reason of these is because i have no wrist flexibility and the joint is probably irritated from the explosive pulling and from catching the bar at the top. plus i never use any kind of wrapping.
i’ve been thinking about doing these movement with dumbells, or learn to continental clean the barbell in order to avoid the explosive clean which i think is the main reason of my problem…
i’m asking for your feedback guys…i really don’t want to stop OH pressing…

thanks in advance

You might consider using some wrist wraps. I use them on all heavy pressing.