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Hurt Scapula Doing Cleans

Hurt my right scap on the 1st heavy set of cleans today. I did 2 reps with 135 and 2 reps with 225. Then I put it to 275 and proceeded to do 3 reps, this is where I hurt myself. I think maybe I should of done some more warmups…

Anyway, I was wondering if this is due to lack of warmup or some kind of muscle imbalance and what some good rehab exercises would be.

Note that it hurts all the time, although it didn’t stop me from finishing the workout.


Odds are, it was due to an imbalance.When you say you hurt your scapula, what do you mean? See if you can have someone palpate it for you, like a massage therapist, to find which muscle it was/is.I would guess either the infraspinatus or the rhomboids. The obvious answer would be rotator cuff work.The less obvious answer would be locked elbow push ups and locked elbow scapular rows.Get Kelso’s book on the importance of shrugs.I dont have it in front of me but if you cant find it,PM me and I will send the title to you.Until then, try Waterburys 100 rep workout here on T-Nation for the injured bodypart.The bloodflow will greatly improve your recovery.Good luck!z