Hurt Rib, Gutted!! Whats the Best Option?

A week ago i was playing football (soccer) and a friend of mine who prodominantly plays rugby always go a little rough. We always have a bit of a hard game and tackle each toher hard but he often goes too far.
Anyway, he ran into me very hard and elbowed me in the torso, right underneath my left pec. I didnt go down, i wanted to as i was in alot of pain (unlike most footballers i know) but i stayed on my feet and played on. I woke up the next morning, it was a bit stiff but i went to the gym and lifted (pulling day). every day since it has got slightly worse and the pain has levelled off today.

I can breath ok, if i take a very deep breath i feel it but i cant move fast or lift weights without alot of pain.
I havent really got the time to go to the hospital or doctor for an x-ray and i have a footy match on Tuesday! i dont get to play football much and i really wanna play.
I have been taking ibruprofen and bought some co-codamol to ease it but it doesnt seem to be improving.

I have read about rib injuries and just seen that even if its broken that i should just rest and ice it. But it doesnt feel like the bone but more the muscle (maybe top abs or diaphragm)
should i treat it differently if i believe its the muscle? anyone got any other tips to manage it and heal quicker?
Fighters must get this all the time and they train alot, what do fighters do??

sorry to vent alot, im cutting weight at the moment and really into my training and making great progress and this is a massive hurdle