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Hurt Neck, Any Advice?

I cracked my neck (not something I do often) and threw off my neck. My largest neck joint the t rex bump one.

Feels as if it moved over to the left and is pinching a nerve , turned and pressing up against my neck. When i rotate my head the pressure builds and if I turn it the wrong way It feels it may severly hurt something.

The pressure has built the last two days, and is causing extreme discomfort.

I’m slightly worried about finding a quality chiropractor , because I have had a few bad experiences and am in a new area.

I don’t see how the hosptial can help me, because It is an alignment problem. Ie aspirin and pain killers wont do anything nor will an MD.

Nobody was onpen on the weekend.

I dont just want to go to a crack em and rack em place.

ART is great but this is a specific event that threw it out of whack, Don’t they mostly specialize in muscle adhesions not alignment adjustments.

anybody have any advice?

Whatever you do have somebody who knows what they’re doing look at it. We’re talkin about your neck man. I wouldn’t even hazard a guess about somebody’s neck. I don’t know how hard you cracked it or whatever, but your whole nervous system controlling everything runs through there. I wouldn’t mess around.

There was an Ian King article on stretching a while back that included a neck stretch…it sounds like you have the same problem I had, but I alleviated the issue by stretching everyday.

THis was a sudden thing, stretching will not alleviate it. If I stretch wrongly i get sharp shooting pains.

[quote]Shortest Straw wrote:
THis was a sudden thing, stretching will not alleviate it. If I stretch wrongly i get sharp shooting pains.[/quote]

You’re probably not in any long term danger, but the fact that it’s your neck gets me nervous. I am no hypochondriac, but if it were me I’d get it looked at just for the peace of mind.

This really sucks. I feel like my neck is sitting crooked on my neck with my spine ready to shoot out of my neck. Twisted and impinging on the neck nerve.

dam tomorrow i have to find a decent chiro, which is hard hard to do.

Definately find yourself a good chriropractor. One that doesn’t put you through a ‘cookie cutter’ treatment program, but actually takes the time to learn that you train with weights, where your injuries have been in the past, and what your curren tproblem is.

One warning sign - if their assistant puts you in a room to watch a video after filling out 2 pages of paper and the actual Dr. doesn’t spend more than 20 mins with you in your initial consultation - I wouldn’t let him put his hands on me.

If you happen to be in southeast MI or northern NJ I can point you in the right direction.

As someone who travels constantly, I have found that chriro’s who specialize in sports injuries/rehabilitation tend to be better than the ‘family chiropractor’ types. But maybe I’ve just gotten lucky.

Also - if you have a sports medicine doctor - they probably work in conjunction with a decent chiro - or at least belong to the same country club.