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Hurt My Shoulder or Nerves

Right now not able to go to doc.

Somehow I believe I either hurt a pec, a rotator cuff or nerves while was sleep. I believe I rolled over on my shoulder in the nighttime.

I cannot do a bench press movement or shoulder press movement.

I can pull down, and pull to the rear ( Lat pull, Row ). I can do shrugs no problem, front raise, lateral raise.

I can also do pec dec.

Bench, Decline hurt I cannot generate any power - like its not firing.

Also my tricep is 1/2 weaker on that side than the other.

Its happened in the last 10 days. I was wondering if anyone had any idea other than the doc, I know the doc is good advice.

I kinda wanted a clue what I was looking at.

Thanks for any ideas.

Pinched nerve, Maybe shoulder impingement.I get impingement it sucks.

How to release impingement? I’m assuming if a nerve is pinched or shoulder impinged, once its released you get your functionality back.

I have the same, any upright pressing movement hurts my right shoulder. After some light weight movement, it appears to hurt in the back of the shoulder when my elbows go past parallel to the floor, so could be bad form that?s caused it, any ideas for rehab??